Paving the Way for Journalism at Clemson University

Paving the Way for Journalism at Clemson University:

A Love for Storytelling


Professor William “Mike” Pulley is paving the way for journalism at Clemson University by encouraging his students to write captivating stories about real events happening in the community around them. Pulley also helps students with stories for The Tiger, Clemson University’s student-run newspaper.

Professor Pulley has worked rigorously the last two years to bring journalism to life on Clemson’s campus. Since the university does not have a defined journalism department, Pulley has worked within the English department to spark a love for storytelling in his students. His strengths as a professor revolve around the enthusiasm, curiosity and drive that he brings to his students within the classroom. He has encouraged his students to buckle down in an effort to bring a new wave of journalism to Clemson. One of Pulley’s students, Shannon Taylor, remarks, “I don’t think you can get any more real life, real world experience than you would with journalism classes.” 

According to Professor Pulley, journalism is a perfect outlet for those who have a natural curiosity for the world around them. He points out that those in journalism and news quite literally “get paid to learn.” He mentions, “the best journalists have got to have a driving curiosity for just about everything.” Caroline Renée Henderson, a journalism student mentions, “…it’s my job to research that subject and write about it.” No matter what story is told, there is always something to learn and take away. Another journalism student, Shannon Taylor, remarks, “I don’t think you can get any more real life, real world experience than you would with journalism classes.” That is the outlook Pulley strives to teach through his courses. 

As Pulley reflects on his relationship with journalism, he recalls the moment he knew journalism was for him. He had interviewed someone for a story and while writing his article he was struck with awe: “I just created the news.” This epiphany was incredible for him as he realized that he had the capacity to create stories worth sharing. 

Professor Pulley wants his students to always remember that working hard does pay off in the end. He motivates his students to persist against all odds. When one door closes, another one does truly open. Pulley says, “if you don’t give up there is no reason why you can’t get over those setbacks […] keep at it.” If you have a dream, follow it and do not give up. There are stories out there waiting to be told. It is important to give those voices a platform and a place to be heard. 

If you are interested in learning more about Professor Pulley and journalism, be sure to reach out to him ( and look into his courses. Next semester, his Writing for News Media course is available. His enthusiasm for teaching brings out the best in his students and is worth sharing at Clemson University. Clemson University offers other media and journalism courses that will be available next semester, like Professor Lalwani’s English 2310 Introduction to Journalism. Below are a few students who have found a passion for journalism through Professor Pulley. 


Written By: Katie Mann and Olivia Hanline


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