Cameron Bushnell lectures in the Pearce Center conference room.

WAC Faculty

Pearce Center’s WAC Faculty continued its third year as a group dedicated to educating others in Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing In the Disciplines practices to further the use and practice of writing in classrooms of all disciplines. To this end, the three WAC Faculty members co-teach the Grad WAC Fellows classes with Cameron Bushnell, focusing on ways graduate students can integrate writing practices into the undergraduate classes that they teach. In 2021-2022, the WAC Faculty also began mentoring the fellows in the new Professional Practicum in WAC and WID, an opportunity for selected Grad WAC Fellows to present on WAC and WID strategies to a variety of audiences. 

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Meet Our WAC Faculty

Katalin Beck smiles at the camera and poses in front of a natural background.

Katalin Beck

Katalin Beck is a senior lecturer in English who has been an enthusiastic facilitator of the program’s development since she joined in 2019. The growing number of students served and the increasingly focused curriculum offered affirm the value of her work. She especially appreciates working with the outstanding graduate students in the program, co-teaching with her accomplished colleagues and shaping the program with innovative approaches. 


With experiences in teaching writing, consulting in technical communication and navigating interlingual and cross-cultural challenges, Beck strives to gauge the fellows’ needs in their current positions and long-term professionalization. The multi-semester relationship with the fellows yields a supportive learning community that collaboratively constructs a pedagogical toolset and knowledge management expertise that will trickle down to improve the writing of Clemson undergraduates and benefit the fellows throughout their careers. 

Jennifer Forsbergy poses in front of a natural background and smiles at the camera.

Jennifer Forsberg

Jennifer Forsberg is a senior lecturer in English with over 15 years of teaching experience. She joined the WAC Fellows program in 2019. In 2021-2022, Forsberg co-taught the second semester WID class. Her design of the course asked fellows to focus the writing instruction in their classrooms to advance their students’ professional development and their own. This focus recognized multidisciplinary academic practices and emphasized rhetorical flexibility as a foundation of quality writing, effective instruction and professionalization. 


In addition to working closely with fellows to create assignments, lessons and course-specific artifacts, Forsberg also mentored a practicum student. She believes that their professional development conversations were some of the most rewarding moments of the program. Together, they worked to implement WAC and WID practices and offered writing support resources to the University’s graduate community.

Phil Randall smiles and poses in front of a natural background.

Phil Randall

Phil Randall is a senior lecturer in English. In his three years as a WAC Faculty member, he has co-taught the Grad WAC Fellows program and presented at the 2020 Doctoral Writing Workshop and the 2019 Teaching Symposium. In 2021-2022, he partnered with Cameron Bushnell to co-teach the first semester WAC course.


Randall teaches courses in scientific writing and science, technology and society. He has worked as an editor for the Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport Systems, Elysian Magazine and for news organizations including The New York Times Co., Gannett Co. and the Times Publishing Co. Since 2004, he has overseen more than 25 client-based projects for South Carolina nonprofits and government agencies, including the Anderson Adult Education Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate.

Former WAC Faculty

Megan Pietruszewski smiles at the camera and poses in front of a natural background.

Megan Pietruszewski

Senior Lecturer