About the Pearce Interns

Business and industry leaders place a premium on writing and communication skills. The state of South Carolina offers a generous supplement to the Life Scholarship for students majoring in math, science, or engineering. The Pearce Scholars Program aims to match that supplement for students working in the fields of writing and communication.

The variety of opportunities within the Pearce Scholars Program also allows for students to pursue objectives most valuable to their educations and future careers. Whether through working as a Pearce Center Intern, a Writing Fellow, or a member of the Client Based Program, the Pearce Scholars Intern Program benefits an incredible number of students on Clemson’s campus.

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State of the Art Workspace

Pearce Interns work in the Class of 1941 Studio using cutting-edge communication technologies. These tools provide Pearce Communication Interns with opportunities to learn, engage, and collaborate in an interactive, professional environment.

Work Samples

Book Project Spring 2020

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Book Project Fall 2019

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English Unbound

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Annual Report

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Pearce Center Intern

Pearce Center Interns work in the Class of 1941 Studio. Using cutting edge technologies, Pearce Interns have opportunities to learn, engage, and collaborate in a professional environment.

Meet the Fall 2019 Pearce Interns

I am a senior from Georgetown, SC, and this is my first semester with the Pearce Center! I am passionate about traveling, the outdoors, 70s music, and film.

Addison Cox

English & World Cinema

I am so excited to be starting my first semester at the Pearce Center! When I’m not in the Class of 1941 Studio, you can find me drinking coffee and rocking denim on denim.

Anna Hardymon


I am a sophomore from Myrtle Beach, SC, and have worked at the Pearce Center since Spring 2019. I love dancing on the sidelines of Death Valley, traveling, and lying somewhere on a beach. 

Ashley Jones

Political Science

I am a junior from Columbia, SC and have worked Pearce Center since Fall 2018. I enjoy writing, traveling, hiking and listening to music.

Carter Smith

Communication & English

I am a senior from Columbia, SC and have worked primarily as a designer at the Pearce Center since Spring 2019. I am passionate about animation and design, and I dream of one day working for Pixar.

Erica Fowler

Graphic Communication

I am a senior from Rock Hill, South Carolina, and have worked as a Pearce Center intern since Fall 2017. I am passionate about traveling, social activism, and Star Wars.

Hannah Rohaley


Hi! I’m a junior from Fort Mill, SC and this is my third semester as a Pearce intern. When I am not trying to master the French language, I can be found on a run, waiting to board a flight at the airport, or sipping on an iced coffee.

Jenna Poropatich

Communication & Language and International Trade

Hi! I’m a senior from Leesburg, VA and this is my second semester as a Pearce intern. I love picnics, yoga and NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.

Kylie Miller

Marketing & Communication

I’m a junior from Belmont, NC and this is my third semester as a Pearce intern. I am also a part of the Calhoun Honors College, a Communication Intern for Campus Recreation, a member of the Clemson Rally-Cat Dance Team, CUSG PR Committee, and Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.

Mattie Lee


I’m a senior from Cheraw, SC and this is my third semester as a Pearce intern. Outside of the Pearce Center, I am the News Director for Tigervision, and the Membership Education Vice President for Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. 

Sallie McLeod

Communication & Women’s Leadership

This is my first semester here at the Pearce Center and I’m so excited to dive into all of the cool projects we have planned! When I’m not working or in class, I enjoy reading, watching horror movies and spending time with my friends and family.

Taylor Summey

Communication & English

I’m an English major with minors in sports comm and film, and I’m a brand new intern! I love to read, golf, and spend time with my friends, family, and girlfriend!

Will Gordon


2019-2020 Pearce Intern Reflections

Will Gordon

In the fall of 2019, I joined the Pearce Center for Professional Communication as a student intern.


As an English major, I thought the internship would be a small thing to put on my résumé that may help with some of my English and publication skills. I had little clue that my time at the Pearce Center would genuinely change where I saw my life going as I neared graduation.


Through my two amazing semesters at the Pearce Center, I’ve been involved in three separate projects: the Clemson English Newsletter (English Unbound), United Way of Pickens County and the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson. The bulk of my time at the Pearce Center has been centered around nonprofit organizations, and that experience has been way more impactful than I anticipated.


I have gotten to serve different needs in this community, such as children’s early literacy, tax issues and even new building projects for local nonprofits. By conducting interviews, making video content and creating other branded deliverables (folders, physical handouts, etc.) for our nonprofit clients, we have taken tiny steps toward genuinely helping these organizations and those most affected by them.


Looking forward, I know that I desire to work with nonprofits in the future, and I genuinely have my time at the Pearce Center to thank for that. While I have attained some practical skills such as scheduling and using Adobe products, I grew most by working with the people around me. Without this experience, I’m not sure I would have ever begun to make the transition from being entirely focused on school to being focused on my future and what I’m going to do after Clemson, so I’m indebted to my wonderful time here. I would like to thank Ashley, Sarah, Allison and all of the interns for this amazing opportunity and for all the time spent together. I know experiences like this can end up shaping our lives, so I’m glad mine was here.

Carter Smith

For the past four semesters, I have been a student intern at the Pearce Center for Professional Communication. I knew at the end of my freshman year I wanted to work at the Pearce Center, after talking with older friends who were, at the time, current interns. I can tell you that what they shared with me about their experience, nearly two years ago, is similar to what I am going to share with you — the Pearce Center offers you an unparalleled on-campus experience in the marketing and communications field.


What makes the Pearce Center so great is two-fold: the people and the clients. As an intern, you will collaborate with motivated, like-minded students and work under great supervisors — shout out to Ashley, Allison and Sarah. Our client base is diverse, ranging from non-profits, foundations, on-campus organizations, professor research projects, local schools and much more. At the Pearce Center, you have the opportunity to really dive into the world of marketing/communications through creating real deliverables for clients.


In my two years at the Pearce Center, I have collaborated on a lot of great projects, but here are a few highlights: serving as the editor-in-chief of UPIC magazine, which required interviewing and writing in addition to editing; creating advertisements and social media content for Dr. Rhondda Thomas’s Call My Name Exhibition: The Making of The Black Clemson Community; and working closely with non-profits under the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson. These projects challenged me as a writer, communicator, creater, team-member and leader. Even more generally, from my tenure at the Pearce Center, I have garnered a strong skill-set in AP style writing and editing, communicating as an external and internal liaison, using Adobe and Mailchimp software and creating promotional content for social media.


As a soon-to-be senior who hopes to work in public relations, I feel confident in my abilities to move out into the workforce. This I have the Pearce Center to thank for and more specifically, I would like to personally thank Ashley Fisk for giving me this opportunity, and Allison Daniel and Sarah Costely for their continual support and advice as former Clemson English students.

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Intern Project Summaries

The Pearce Center interns work with a variety of clients, both on and off campus, to produce communication deliverables ranging from flyers and graphics to social media audits. Mouse over the below images to read more about each of the projects the interns are currently working on.

Community Foundation of Greater Clemson

The interns worked alongside Executive Director Billy D’Andrea and the rest of the team at the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson. They were tasked with designing new materials for them during a process of rebranding. They have produced a new set of folders, one pagers and pledge cards in order to help build their brand and assist in furthering pledges to the foundation.

Office of Global Engagement

Interns worked with Kyle Anderson, senior director of global engagement, to bring awareness of initiatives in the Office of Global Engagement. The team started off the by promoting Tigers United, a consortium dedicated to protecting tigers in the wild. From there, interns worked on highlighting students helping with COVID-19 initiatives and the Hendrix Scholarship.

Pickens County Habitat for Humanity

The Pearce Center Interns worked with Pickens County Habitat for Humanity to produce marketing materials for their annual fundraiser and monthly events. The team produced a video to highlight the organization’s volunteers, created and wrote a monthly newsletter to send to their community and designed a social media campaign for their annual fundraiser.

Clemson Votes

This project has involved creating an initiative on Clemson’s campus to educate students on being knowledgeable and engaged U.S. citizens, which includes exercising their right to vote.  In the spring semester, our team mainly worked on developing Clemson Vote’s social media account, communicating with campus and local organizations about the cause and creating content, such as a logo and a packet of information, for the initiative.

United Way of Pickens County

The interns worked alongside United Way of Pickens County’s Jeremy Price with their VITA programs. VITA allows for anyone with an annual income of less than $60,000 to have their taxes done correctly and for free by community volunteers at local libraries! The team’s work has consisted of interviewing volunteers and clients as well as filming the program in order to produce two videos for United Way.

School Book Project

Our interns worked alongside Central Academy of the Arts and Mrs. Bogan’s 2nd grade class in creating their own class book. Together, we decided upon the topic of Endangered Species for the book. After that, interns visited the classroom twice and guided the students in their research of their species in order to create a short story and illustration. At the end of the semester, the team sent the books to the students so they could celebrate becoming a published author!

First Baptist Church of Clemson

Our team worked with the leadership of the First Baptist Church of Clemson to develop a strategic social media plan for their use. The team completed an audit of the church’s online presences to find strengths and weaknesses and then incorporated the findings into a draft of the strategic plan. By the end of the semester, they produced a finalized strategic plan as well as a social calendar template that the church can use moving forward.

Call My Name Project

This semester, interns continued to work with Dr. Rhondda Thomas on her project “Call My Name: The Making of the Black Clemson Community.” They created graphics and videos about the different generations featured which were shared on the Call My Name social media accounts. These ads received a lot of attention and the Pearce Center was excited to be a part of the unveiling of this very important exhibition!

English Unbound

Interns released monthly email newsletters to the Clemson English faculty, students and alumni. From fun infographics such as ‘The Book Was Better Than The Movie’ to profiles on successful alumni, engaging students and stellar professors, the newsletters shared a glimpse into what makes the Clemson English Department special. Team members gain experience interviewing, writing and editing articles.

UPIC Magazine

This year, our UPIC Magazine team set out to create a publication that showcased several of our campus interns and mentors in the UPIC program. The team interviewed individuals, drafted articles and edited photographs for the magazine. Interns also worked on creating the design for the magazine that will eventually be published. The team completed a total of 20 interviews to celebrate 2020. We are excited to see the finished product soon.

Emerson Rose Heart Foundation

The Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is a new client to the Pearce Center. The team is currently working on several different marketing materials for their social media, as well as a marketing packet that they will distribute to the hospitals they partner with. Interns also created a video highlighting the amazing work they do. Follow our social media at @emersonroseheart to follow the amazing work of this organization!

CU Navigate

CU Navigate is an app to schedule advising appointments, complete to-dos and be an easy resource for Clemson students and faculty. Our team worked to create presentations students can view at orientation to show the benefits of the app. They also made two more presentations, one for orientation ambassadors and the other for faculty learning how to use the app. The team also worked on providing mockups for a website redesign.

Helping Hands of Clemson

The Pearce Center Interns worked with Helping Hands of Clemson this semester by producing marketing materials for their store. The interns designed three products for Helping Hands: brochures, hanging signs and posters. Interns also helped design a logo and create branding guidelines for the client. We are looking forward to seeing the final products in their store and to see how our marketing efforts have assisted their communication strategies.