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Business and industry leaders place a premium on writing and communication skills. The state of South Carolina offers a generous supplement to the Life Scholarship for students majoring in math, science or engineering. The Pearce Scholars Program aims to match that supplement for students working in the fields of writing and communication.

The variety of opportunities within the Pearce Scholars Program also allows for students to pursue objectives most valuable to their educations and future careers. Whether through working as a Pearce Center Intern, a Writing Fellow or a member of the Client Based Program, the Pearce Scholars Intern Program benefits an incredible number of students on Clemson’s campus.

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Interested in applying to become a Pearce Intern? Applications are accepted twice per academic year near the end of each semester. Keep an eye on our socials for more information!

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Pearce Intern Skill Review

The Pearce Intern program strives to equip our undergraduate interns with skills they will need in their academic and professional lives. These skills range from learning how to write professional emails to design-based skills in industry-standard software. Take a look below at the skills the 2021-2022 Pearce Interns felt most confident in after their internship experience.

Visual representation of Pearce Intern skill set.

Meet the Fall 2022 Pearce Interns

Alli Jennings smiles at the camera and poses in front of a blue background.

Alli Jennings


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Anna Grace Waldrop

Early Childhood Education

Anna Shealy


Annie McIntyre (1)

Annie McIntyre


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Brooke Bedell

Computer Science

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Emily Campbell


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Emily Scott


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Kathryn Atkinson


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Kylie Snyder



Lawton Branham


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Lilly Grabowski

Political Science

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Liv Provosty


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Madison Boyd


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Olivia Almeida


Pravi Bomrah



Rachel Harley


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Summer Wrenn


Work Samples

Example of work sample created by interns entitled Pearce Center Interns’ Favorite Summer Reads.
Example of work sample created by interns entitled Famous Hispanic and Latinx Authors.
Example of work sample created by interns for First Baptist Church’s Faith Works series
Example of work sample created by interns for First Baptist Church’s Faith Works series
Example of work sample created by interns for Habitat for Humanity
Example of work sample created by interns for Habitat for Humanity
Example of work sample created by interns for Habitat for Humanity

Pearce Intern Reflections

Katie Mann (2021-2022)

Katie Mann smiles at the camera and poses in front of a natural background.Throughout my college career, I have spent ample time in Daniel Hall where the Pearce Center for Professional Communication is located. During the Fall of my sophomore year, I was attending classes in Daniel Hall as usual, sitting in the lobby of the Pearce Center working on schoolwork without even knowing what the students within the office were doing. As time went on, I learned more about the center and the work they did. I learned about the open positions for the following semester and applied to be an intern there.

I was called back for an interview and soon after that was accepted for the internship: my first college job. I was ecstatic when I found out that I received the internship and could not wait to start working immediately. I quickly realized the importance of collaboration. The entirety of our projects are based on working together as a team to reach a common goal. Although I had done this in school with graded assignments, this experience felt different. We all knew the responsibilities we held and the tasks we needed to complete. Everyone was there for a reason and wanted to be, creating a healthy and positive work environment.

Over the last two years at the Pearce Center, I have worked on multiple projects, including Pickens County Habitat for Humanity, Clemson Votes, English Unbound, the Pearce Center digital marketing team, Emerson Rose Heart Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Clemson, Main Street Walhalla, Tiger Tales, UPIC Magazine and school STEM night.
One of my favorite things about working at the Pearce Center is the structured collaboration among interns. Being able to work on multiple projects at one time seems daunting, but it allows each person to learn the skills they really need to become successful.

Another one of my favorite aspects of this internship is the connectivity between our employees and the University and community. Through this job, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about other groups, jobs and people on our campus and in our community. From local organizations and businesses to other UPIC departments to individual and remarkable Clemson students, I have been connected to so many incredible people. These connections have been both professional and personal, making my time at the Pearce Center and Clemson University so fulfilling.

Delaney Niemeyer (2021-2022)

Delaney Niemeyer smiles at the camera and poses in front of a natural background.As I reflect on my time with the Pearce Center over the past two years, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I truly cannot imagine my time at Clemson without this experience. An older peer and Pearce Center alumna, Carter Smith, recommended I apply my freshman year, and I am forever grateful that I took advantage of the opportunity. Look at me now! I am still here four semesters later.

Beginning my internship virtually during the height of COVID-19 was intimidating, but this experience forced me to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to communicate, collaborate and get work done effectively in new ways. Acknowledging that our world is evolving to new work environments and habits, I now feel confident in my ability to adapt to any job setting. Getting to work in the Class of 1941 Studio alongside everyone this year has been very fun and motivating. The Pearce Center cultivates an agency-style environment, which I have grown to love and desire in a career.

The Pearce Center has allowed me to flourish as a young professional and hone in on skills that only real-world work can teach you. I have been fortunate to work on a wide range of client projects, including nonprofits, local community organizations, Clemson University programs and Pearce-led initiatives. Some highlights include contributing to the Spring 2021 issue of the UPIC Magazine as co-lead, writer and editor-in-chief, assisting Rhondda Thomas on the Call My Name initiative through the creation of maps and signage for Black History Month walking tours, leading the Pickens County Habitat for Humanity team on internal and external strategic marketing campaigns and assisting with redesigning the Pearce Center website.

The skills that I have gained through this internship are invaluable. I recall being intimidated to communicate with clients, and now it is second-nature. Serving as team lead on several projects has enhanced my management skills and taught me the importance of approaching projects with different perspectives, strategies and tactics. What surprises me most, though, is the passion I have developed for conducting interviews. Uncovering stories of individuals and showcasing them through engaging writing is an exciting challenge that I continue to improve upon over time. Thanks to this experience, these skills have landed me other opportunities beyond the Pearce Center.

The Pearce Center would not be what it is without my supportive mentor, Ashley Fisk, all of the outstanding graduate assistants and my fellow interns that I am blessed to work with. I am thankful for everything the Pearce Center has given me and look forward to what lies ahead!

Intern Project Summaries

The Pearce Center interns work with a variety of clients, both on and off campus, to produce communication deliverables ranging from flyers and graphics to social media audits. Read more about each of the projects the interns are currently working on below.

Tiger Tales logo featuring an icon of a typewriter

Tiger Tales is a brand new project started by the Pearce Center that aims to spread positivity around the Clemson community through highlighting community members, projects and initiatives.

Goals: Establish awareness of this project throughout the Clemson community and be a safe space for people to turn to for positive news going on in their own community.

What we are most excited for: Getting to know the people who are changing the Clemson community for the better!

Deliverables: Social media posts and working on eventually launching a blog website

Interns on project: Ashley Baresich, Chase Meininger, Chandler Brown, Roxie Ware, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Katie Mann

Main Street Walhalla logo including Main Street to the Mountains text

Through our work with the Main Street Walhalla program, Pearce Interns are broadening Walhalla’s social media to include the town’s businesses and their events. Interns are also working on creating a new virtual walking tour of the town. They research, conduct social media marketing as well as building their website.

Goals: Branding, marketing, social media reach, analytics, website building, creation of a virtual walking tour and local outreach.

What we are most excited for: The virtual walking tour project.

Deliverables: Virtual walking tour and social media campaign

Interns on Project: Katie Mann, Delaney Niemeyer, Roxie Ware

Clemson English Unbound logo with the effect of a turning page

English Unbound is the English Department’s monthly newsletter. The newsletter features different faculty and students to spotlight their accomplishments within the department, as well as highlight different opportunities that the department offers.

Goals: Write articles and create graphics that represent the people and opportunities within the department as a whole.

What we are most excited for: Getting to know more people within the English Department!

Deliverables: September, October, November and December graduation editions of English Unbound

Interns on project: Chandler Brown, Olivia Hanline, Acacia Bryant, Gabrielle White

Pickens County Habitat for Humanity logo with icons of people under a roof

Pickens County Habitat for Humanity is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope. PCHFH is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes, by advocating for fair and just housing policies and by providing training and access to resources to help families improve their shelter conditions.

Goals: Use communicative means to help PCHFH gain outside interest through increased donations and volunteer hours.

Deliverables: Writing story-driven articles to contribute to the conclusion of the 40 in 40 article campaign highlighting the history and success of the affiliate in honor of their 40th anniversary.

What we are most excited for: We are excited to have our work professionally published.

Interns on project: Delaney Niemeyer, Katy Trawick, Jordan Sims, Gabrielle White

Emerson Rose Heart Foundation logo with a drawn heart icon

Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the future for those affected by congenital heart defects by providing support to families in need, advancing patient care and medical research and increasing awareness about the most common birth defect in the world.

Goals: Raise awareness of congenital heart defects, the most common birth defect in the world, and assist in the promotion of ERHF as a brand to increase its reach.

What we are most excited for: Getting to to help a foundation that does so much for the medical community of South Carolina

Deliverables: Social media posts, website audit, newsletter and blog posts

Interns on project: Elizabeth O’Donnell, Ashley Baresich, Delaney Niemeyer, Acacia Bryant

Clemson UPIC icon featuring a Clemson paw

The Clemson UPIC program is home to over 900 student internships on campus each year. Pearce Center interns are responsible for creating the annual UPIC Magazine with article features on program mentors and student interns. This year marks UPIC’s 10th Anniversary as a program, and we are excited to highlight this noteworthy milestone in this year’s magazine!

Goals: Interview UPIC interns and mentors, write and edit articles and ultimately tell the stories of Clemson students and professors who are actively pursuing and advancing professional development opportunities on campus.

What we are most excited for: This year’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Event that will be happening next spring!

Deliverables: The 11th Edition UPIC Magazine

Interns on project: Katie Mann, Roxie Ware, Ashley Baresich, Chandler Brown, Chase Meininger, Gabrielle White, Katy Trawick

Anderson School District Five logo

Anderson District 5 collaborated with Pearce Interns to create materials for a school STEM night at Varennes Elementary School. 

Goals: Develop a brief video and accompanying handouts for students and parents about the opportunities available in STEM fields. The goal of the STEM night is to get kids excited about these career opportunities and show parents what resources are available for kids interested in various careers. 

What we are most excited for: Seeing the turnout for the event and how the students and parents receive these materials. 

Deliverables: A brief video about different opportunities in STEM as well as handouts for parents about various resources available within the district. 

Interns on project: Katie Mann, Allison Sudlow and Mallory Galloway

Pearce Center logo

The Pearce Digital Marketing team intends to increase awareness and numerical following surrounding the Pearce Center accounts and expand its digital presence.

Goals: Maintain the Pearce Center’s social accounts with at least three posts per week, increase follower count and maintain and update the Pearce Center website.

What we are most excited for: Engaging the Clemson community and showcasing all of the cool things we get to be a part of through the Pearce Center.

Deliverables: Weekly social media posts for Facebook and Instagram and weekly blog posts.

Interns on project: Olivia Hanline, Jordan Sims, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Acacia Bryant, Delaney Niemeyer

Tigra scientifica logo with tiger face on purple background

The aim of the journal Tigra Scientifica is to make primary scientific literature accessible to general interested audiences.

Goals: Design magazines with articles written by Tigra Scientifica articles.

What we are most excited for: The opportunity to showcase the Tigra writers’ best work!

Deliverables: Compiling articles together in a magazine format for readers to have easier access to them.

Interns on project: Katy Trawick, Olivia Hanline, Gabrielle White

Intern Publications

Pearce Interns work on several campus and community publications such as the UPIC Magazine, English Unbound and Habitat for Humanity’s newsletter. Interns write, edit, design and help print/publish several of these publications.

UPIC Magazine

Pearce Interns publish the UPIC magazine, which highlights the on-campus internship program at Clemson University. Interns gain valuable writing and editing skills. In 2021, they interviewed several mentors and mentees and are excited this program gets to continue.

Pdf of Spring 2021 UPIC magazine

Pearce Center Annual Report

The Annual Report documents all the programs, projects and events the Pearce Center has participated in for that academic year. Pearce Interns work to write and edit the report, and beginning in 2020-2021, the VID Interns took over the design of the report.

Cover of 2021-2022 Annual Report featuring a purple overlay over a picture of students walking on campus.

School Book Project

To encourage young students to read, the Pearce Interns help elementary classes write and publish their very own book. The interns work with students to help write and illustrate a story before assembling the book and giving it to the students at a celebration.

Pdf of School book project entitled Discovering Endangered Species

Tigra Scientifica

Pearce Interns work with Dr. Lesly Temesvari to help create new layout designs for Tigra Scientifica, a journal written by Clemson undergraduate students to help communicate new scientific research to a general audience. Interns are also working on creating the first print version of the journal in several years.

Article featured in Tigra Scientifica Fall 2020 issue

Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales is a brand new project started by the Pearce Center that aims to spread positivity around the Clemson community through highlighting community members, projects and initiatives. Interns interview the subjects and share their stories on social media in order to bring awareness to these unique, heartwarming tales.

Tiger Tales webpage