The Pearce Center for Professional Communication, in close collaboration with the Campbell Chair in Technical Communication, continues to support various publications on and off campus. Interns and Pearce Center staff write articles, conduct interviews, create layout designs, provide copy editing services and help manage and fund five publications each year.

Pearce Center Newsletter

Cover of the Fall 2023 issue of the Pearce Center Semesterly Newsletter featuring a preview of an article and two images. Click the image to access the full newsletter.

The Pearce Center Semesterly Newsletter is a produced through a collaboration between the Pearce Interns and VID interns. Pearce Interns produced written and visual content while VID interns created and designed the newsletter template and layout. Both teams gained valuable insight into the publication process. Fall 2023 is the inaugural newsletter and features updates on each of the Pearce Center’s programs. 

UPIC Magazine

Cover of the 2023 issue of UPIC magazine featuring a side-long shot of Sikes Hall.

The Pearce Interns publish the UPIC magazine, which highlights the on-campus internship program at Clemson University. Each year, interns on the UPIC team have the opportunity to interview several mentors and mentees in the program, highlighting their achievements and research. The Summer 2023 magazine focused on celebrating last year’s 10th anniversary of the program while looking forward to the future of the program on campus as the University commits more resources to experiential learning.

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Pearce Center Annual Report

The Annual Report documents all the programs, projects and events the Pearce Center has participated in for that academic year. In the past, the writing and design of the report has been a collaboration between Pearce Interns and VID interns. In 2022-2023, Pearce Center staff took over the project with VID interns assisting in the design process. 

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Cultivate San Antonio

Cover of the spring 2023 issue of Cultivate magazine featuring a zoomed in photo of a lavender bloom.

Cultivate San Antonio is a quarterly digital magazine that highlights urban agriculture and sustainability efforts in San Antonio, Texas. The VID interns partner with the magazine to design article layouts, infographics, planting
guides, magazine covers, directories and more. This year, the team published their Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 issues and promoted them via
social media.

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School Book Project

Cover of the 2022-2023 Central Academy of the Arts book project featuring cartoon drawings of a giraffe, lion and hippo.

To encourage young students to read, the Pearce Interns help elementary classes write and publish their very own book. The interns work with students to help write and illustrate a story before assembling the book and giving it to the students at a celebration. In 2022-2023, interns visited all three second-grade classrooms at Central Academy of the Arts to assist students in researching and writing about their favorite animals. Once the stories were complete, interns worked in Adobe InDesign to create the layout of the book and prepare it for publication. At the end of Spring 2023, interns visited the school once more for a publication party to celebrate the first-time authors and their accomplishment. 

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The WAC Journal

Cover of Volume 33 of The WAC Journal featuring a deep read background and the journal logo.

The WAC Journal is a national peer-reviewed journal of contemporary research relating to writing across the curriculum, available in print and online through Colorado State’s WAC Clearinghouse. This journal of practical ideas and pertinent theory is also published by Clemson University and Parlor Press and was copy edited this year by Pearce Center staff. Allison Daniel, the Pearce Center’s professional communications specialist, serves as the journal’s managing editor, overseeing production of the journal from start to finish.

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Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales webpage

Tiger Tales is a project started by the Pearce Center that aims to spread positivity around the Clemson community through highlighting community members, projects and initiatives. Interns interview the subjects and share their stories on social media in order to bring awareness to these unique, heartwarming tales.

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English Unbound

The Pearce Interns publish English Unbound to keep the English department’s students, alumni, faculty and donors informed about its activities and initiatives. Featured content includes event summaries, student and faculty spotlights and alumni updates. English Unbound moved to a digital format in 2018 and focused its content to give readers a more personal look into the English program and its future. It is available to read on the Pearce Center website.

Pearce Center Blog

Pearce Interns created a blog to provide professional communication tips to Clemson students and community members. The blog offered advice on topics ranging from how to prepare for a job interview to encouraging stories about students with non-traditional career paths.

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