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Rooted in the belief that all students should have an opportunity to become effective communicators in their chosen disciplines, the Pearce Center has been supporting students and faculty in professional communication since 1989. Through state of the art technology and collaborative workspaces, the Pearce Center provides experiences in oral, visual, and digital communication and supports faculty-led research projects.

Client-Based Projects

The Client-Based Program matches local clients with Clemson classes to produce communication deliverables. Students in these classes work in teams to create the deliverables and meet the client's needs.

Pearce Interns

Clemson University students have the opportunity to become Pearce Interns and work in the Class of 1941 Studio. Using cutting-edge technologies, Pearce Interns have opportunities to learn, engage and collaborate in a professional environment.

Visual Information Design

The Visual Information Design Internship allows undergraduate students to receive training in Adobe Creative Suite products and design principles in order to assist fellow students in their visual presentations.

Professional Editing at Pearce

Professional Editing at Pearce is a paid, one-on-one editing service for community and university clients to receive personalized assistance with a variety of writing projects. PEP offers mulitple packages to make sure you get the most out of your editing services.

Graduate WAC Fellows

Grad WAC Fellows is a professional development program for graduate TAs that emphasize written communication in their classrooms. The program focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of their students' writing, as well as increasing the Fellows' own writing skills.

Class of 1941 Studio

As the face of the Pearce Center, the Class of 1941 Studio provides state-of-the-art technology and collaborative workspaces for learning, teaching and research. The Studio brings together the study and practice of the communicative arts in innovative and exciting ways.

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Quality Professional Resources


Need help starting up a project? Curious about the latest news and information for communication? The Pearce Center has a wide variety of resources available that are useful for students, faculty and professionals alike.

Writing Across The Curriculum

The Pearce Center's commitment to communication has earned Clemson the honor of being consistently cited as a top school for Writing in the Disciplines. Workshops and the Writing Fellows program elevate students' written and oral communication skills.

Pearce Center Blog

The Pearce Interns regularly publish blogs with up-to-date information about communication across all platforms, from quick tips to comprehensive guides. With new blogs coming every week, there is certain to be something for everyone.

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