Class of 1941 at 2001 Reunion

The ’41 Studio

The Pearce Center is housed in the Class of 1941 Studio for Student Communication, an innovative space for learning, teaching and research. The Studio’s goal is to bring together the study and practice of the communicative arts in new and exciting ways.

 Location: First floor, Daniel Hall


Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00am to 4:30pm, Friday, 8:00am to 12:00pm


For more information, contact Sarah Costley or call 864-656-9351

About the Class of 1941

img_0016Roy Pearce (1919-2004), President of Clemson University’s Class of 1941, always maintained that his professional success was a direct result of his communication skills. Throughout his life, Pearce was a leader in the Clemson community, serving as President of the Clemson Alumni Association and of the CU Foundation. Clemson awarded him an honorary doctorate, the Distinguished Service Award, the President’s Award, and in 1991, the Clemson Medallion, the University’s highest honor. Pearce strongly believed that all students should have an opportunity to develop effective communication skills.

In 1989, he and his wife, Marnie, established the R. Roy and Marnie Pearce Center for Professional Communication at Clemson. The Pearces envisioned a Center whose mission was to help prepare students for the communication challenges they would face as professionals in their chosen fields. In 2001, Pearce’s graduating class endowed the Class of 1941 Studio for Student Communication, which opened its doors in Daniel Hall in 2004.

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