How to Establish Your Personal Brand


To many, the need for a personal brand is nonexistent. We’re here to tell you that regardless of your major or career path, there’s a place for a personal brand in your life.

Personal brands exist to showcase your personality or professional attributes such as your skills, personal beliefs, and values.

As we move to a more digital age, personal brands can be more helpful to cultivating an online presence. With social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn we are able to put our portfolios online. Imagine if all of our social media accounts were uniform and you had a website promoting your brand-you’d stand out in a stack of resumes.

Here are some tips on how to build your own personal brand:

1. Create Your Online Presence

It is no secret that you can identify an advertisement for a brand online such as Nike or Subaru without seeing the company’s name attached to it. Creating a recognizable face for yourself will allow you to present yourself in a more open way.

2. Transparency is Key

Above all else, it is important to be yourself when creating your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to portray your quirks and style in a way that will allow you to stand out in a pool of applicants. Instead of following new trends, create your own.

3. Persistence is Important

When you see an online profile of someone who has built a strong personal brand, it can sometimes be overwhelming. While a lot of time and thought go into establishing a strong personal brand, it is worth it. Don’t give up, figure out what works for you and stick with it!

4. Focus on a Few

While you may feel the urge to share your entire identity with your personal brand, it may be better to focus on a few. Instead of releasing a plethera of content, find two or three activities, hobbies, or experiences that set you apart and make you who you are. Run with your selections and build your brand around a few core items!

5. Constantly Update

In today’s job climate, demands and job titles are always changing. Your resume changes from job to job and company to company. However, your personal brand is something that stays with you no matter who you work for. Building your brand will allow you to showcase your identity and allow you to tailor your skills and talents to any hiring manager. A job may not be forever but your personal brand can be!

6. Big Picture

Today, personal brands are just beginning to find their place on the public agenda. However, they will become increasingly more commonplace in the coming years. Having one is important because it just might set you apart and help you land that dream job.


Written By: Lauren Andrews


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