VID Declassified Design Survival Guide: Visual Elements

VID and the Pearce Center for Professional Communication present VID Declassified Design Survival Guide! Improving a design through color, typography, Adobe Illustrator tricks and grouping and organization are the topics of this guide. This is the third edition of the series, which focuses on incorporating visual elements in Adobe Illustrator to enhance design. 

This tutorial shows how the use of shapes in the background of a flyer can make a huge difference in adding visual interest. Some tips on how to create and manipulate these shapes are demonstrated, in addition to other general Illustrator shortcuts. The goal of this demonstration is to provide easy methods to improve the overall appearance of a design.

Overall, this video demonstrates the importance of visual elements, managing layers and using shortcuts to speed up the process. If you want to learn how to incorporate interesting visual elements to make your design project more effective, then this video is for you!

Created by: Kelsea Allen


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