VID Declassified Design Survival Guide: Typography

VID and the Pearce Center for Professional Communication present VID Declassified Design Survival Guide! Improving a design through color, typography, Adobe Illustrator tricks and grouping and organization are the topics of this guide. This is the second edition of the series, which focuses on typography choices and how they impact design. 

Most documents should have only two to three typefaces. This guide highlights how using only two typeface choices can still provide many options and flexibility in a document when the designer utilizes different fonts within the chosen typefaces. Different fonts of different typefaces can provide many typographic options for a designer. One typeface alone usually contains many different fonts along with it, the most common being bold and italic. 

To improve this design, we used two typefaces: IvyMode and Acumin. IvyMode was used in this document’s headlines due to its neutral sans-serif tone; its unique character style enables it to stand out a bit more, which makes it perfect for an eye-catching headline. Acumin was used for the texts lower in the design hierarchy because while it is still a neutral sans-serif font, it is easier for the eye to read in the smaller, more condensed body paragraphs.

The video explains how typography can positively or negatively impact design and demonstrates how to include variety while using only a few fonts. If you want to learn how to make aesthetically pleasing typographic choices to make your design project more effective, then this video is for you!


Created by: Marin Parkinson


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