Transferring and Doubling: The Inimitable Emily Rogers, Class of 2020

Transferring and Doubling: The Inimitable Emily Rogers, Class of 2020

Emily started her college career at Loyola University in Chicago. Her first year there did not go as planned, so she took a leap and ended up in Clemson, S.C. From that point on, she grew into the person she is today. As she reflects on her time at Clemson, she recalls the people she has met, the things she has done and the love she has for this university.

Emily’s double major in English and political science has been transformative for her as a student and person. She felt that one major could not fulfill everything she wanted to do, so she chose two. She picked English because of her love for writing, which came from her grandmother who taught English to high school students. She notes, “English is so often an observation of the self or individual and their community.” As for political science, it looks at overall movements of people that work to organize a government. “Together they are endlessly fascinating,” Rogers shares.  

Her passion for writing paired with an interest in learning about people and how they organize themselves has led her on some incredible paths. From getting a job as a bartender in the bustling downtown of Clemson, to double majoring, to landing a great internship and meeting new people, she has done more than she could have imagined in her time here at Clemson.

A few of her favorite memories within the English department have included some of our inspiring English faculty members. Emily mentioned how much she especially enjoyed David Coombs’ British literature classes because of his “realness” with his students. Her time in his class helped her realize just how much she adores writing. 

“I think that’s what I like about the English program, you get to know your professors. Most of them are pretty laid back and helpful.” 

Her passion for writing paired with her wonderful advisor is what led her to make English her primary major. Her advisor, Keri Crist-Wagner, helped Emily feel comfortable on this small, yet powerful campus. Emily admired the way Keri held herself in their meetings and took that admiration to push herself to make Clemson home. 

Emily said,”Keri knows herself and really helped me get through the program…after that, I kind of hit my stride.” 

As a transfer student, Emily had a difficult time adjusting to a new environment. She mentioned that her decision to live on campus was a great idea and led her to be fully immersed in the university. Walking around campus at first was a bit of a culture shock; seeing all of the fanatic students repping Clemson with their orange clothes every Friday was almost overwhelming. Emily now takes time out of her day to walk around Clemson’s grounds and soak up every bit of it she can before heading out into the professional world. Her favorite spot at the university is the walkway from Fort Hill to the library, lined with beautiful trees. 

“I walked around campus the other day and was like ‘Oh my God, I think I’m gonna miss it…I am really glad I chose Clemson.’”

Since being at Clemson University, Emily has learned more about herself as well as the community she has around her. 

She said, “I have learned so many lessons… I want someone to give advice to!” 

To start, Emily urges students to not be afraid of change. She also wants students to know that there is not a traditional route you have to take during your college career. Find a place you love and make it happen. A phrase she used that stood out is, “there is not one set way to do college.” 

Since she is graduating this December, she is so excited for the future. Her plan is to eventually pursue a graduate degree in either Public Administration or Political Communication. It is the beginning of the rest of her life and, as she put it,  she is “so ready for it.” No matter how you come to know Clemson, it eventually holds a special place in your heart. The university brings education, inspiration and transformation to those who attend. From the campus to the students to the faculty, for Emily Rogers, Clemson sparks joy.

Written By: Katie Mann


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