Tiger Tales: ClemsonLIFE


Noah Wynne is a 22-year old ClemsonLIFE senior from North Carolina who loves all things Clemson. His favorite activity is going to Clemson athletics games, especially football and basketball. His favorite Clemson memory is meeting Trevor Lawrence and KJ Henry through a football clinic with the team. Noah played football in high school as an offensive lineman and actually competed against KJ Henry’s team in his championship game, who remembered him several years later after meeting again at Clemson.

Besides sports, Noah enjoys his classes at Clemson, which include cooking, employment skills, leadership skills, and workouts. The most valuable skills he has learned through the ClemsonLIFE program are time management and responsibility. He likes living in his own U Centre apartment with several of his friends. He also has a student-worker job with Clemson Recycling and Landscaping, which combines his love of being outside and helping out. Outside of his busy work and class schedule, he loves spending time with friends, playing video games, throwing the football on Bowman, and playing basketball at Fike.

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