The Pearce Center for Professional Communication: Highlighting Interns within the English Department

The Pearce Center for Professional Communication: Highlighting Interns within the English Department


The Pearce Center for Professional Communication is Clemson University’s primary resource for the development of professional communication skills for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Pearce Center provides various opportunities for unique work experience, including a client-based internship program. Internship positions are available to undergraduate students who aim to improve their writing and communication skills by working closely with actual clients. English Unbound, the English department’s monthly newsletter, is one of the Pearce Center’s client-based projects that grants students experience related to writing and editing through close collaboration with other interns and Clemson employees. Interns get to work alongside the department’s leadership and social media teams to develop meaningful and relevant content for the newsletter. 

In addition to English Unbound, the University Professional Internship and Co-op (UPIC) Magazine is another client that allows students to frequently practice their writing and editing skills. Clemson’s UPIC program provides paid on-campus internships to students. The UPIC magazine highlights different mentors and interns as well as available employment opportunities for students. Pearce Center interns are responsible for developing the design and content for UPIC Magazine so it is ready for publication. Although writing and editing are important skills to have for this position, there are also clients that have a stronger need for elements like website design. Digital Marketing is the client project that assists the Pearce Center with maintaining its online presence through website and social media platforms. Interns have been able to completely redesign the website and assemble the Pearce Center’s annual report. 

Taylor Summey, an English and communication double major who is in her fourth semester working with the Digital Marketing team, says, “I want to go into digital marketing after I graduate, and the Pearce Center has provided me with a great foundation to build upon in my future career.” Like many other interns, the Pearce Center has provided Summey with the opportunity to shape her skillset and feel prepared to enter her career field.

Like Summey, there are many other English majors working at the Pearce Center who have gained valuable experience through this internship program that has strengthened their writing skills and made them more efficient workers. Elizabeth O’Donnell is only in her second semester with the Pearce Center, but she has already learned so much from her different client projects and leadership efforts. Elizabeth has worked with the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, English Unbound and other clients. All of these projects have increased Elizabeth’s confidence in regard to work for client projects, including her professional writing skills and abilities within Adobe programs, and her coursework.

When asked about her internship experience, Elizabeth says, “Ashley Fisk, Allison Daniel, Amanda Anderson and Dr. Cameron Bushnell have created this community in which you aren’t alone so if you don’t know how to do something, you just ask, and either they, or another intern, will always jump in or show you what to do.” Elizabeth encourages other English majors to apply and capitalize on opportunities provided at the Pearce Center. 

Internships are an essential part of the college experience, especially when it comes to professional development. There is so much to gain from internships whether that be on a personal or a professional level. The Pearce Center is one of Clemson’s premiere opportunities for English majors and other students seeking development of their writing and communication skills. English majors and minors are highly encouraged to apply for the chance to further their academic and professional endeavors as well as becoming more involved around campus. 

Olivia Hanline, a double major with English and Marketing, raves about her time with the Pearce Center. She says, “If an English major is looking for hands-on, professional growth opportunities that demonstrate potential different career avenues outside of maybe what we learn in the traditional classroom, the Pearce Center is great.” 

The Pearce Center is a place that fosters growth and success through client projects and collaboration. English Unbound is just one of the opportunities presented to students through this internship. The Pearce Center is constantly looking for driven and passionate interns who strive for success. You can learn more about the client-based internship program at

Written by: Chandler Brown


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