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The love of art and literature can intertwine on a unique level. Caroline Morales and Abigail Johnson agree! Caroline Morales and Abigail Johnson are two undergraduate students at Clemson University that have the opportunity to express their distinctive experiences working with the Chronicle Magazine at Clemson University.  

The Chronicle is a student art and literary magazine that showcases photography, art, short stories, poems, essays and audio/visual submissions. Established in 1879, the Chronicle accepts a wide variety of submissions every semester, many of which are selected to appear in the magazine. 

Caroline Morales

Caroline Morales is a senior secondary education and English major from Charlottesville, Virginia. Morales is the editor-in-chief for the Chronicle and she is passionate about reading, teaching, and good coffee! When asked how her experience has been working as the editor-in-chief for the Chronicle, she replied, “It has been uniquely challenging, especially during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Morales expressed how the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, and their Senior staff is trying to “expand more where incoming students would be interested in being a part of the staff and gain valuable reading and writing skills.”

Morales also expressed how she gained valuable skills while becoming editor-in-chief at the Chronicle. She states, “The most important skills I have gained while working at the Chronicle are flexibility and empathy because in a leadership position role, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and you have to have faith that people are going to get the job done.” Morales expressed how being flexible and empathetic comes with understanding the students. Morales realizes that students are also human, and as a leader, you have to work well with others and have excellent communication skills. 

Morales has always been passionate about her role as editor-in-chief and working with her peers. When asked about what recommendations she would give someone interested in becoming editor-in-chief at the Chronicle, she replied, “Show up to the meetings because the best preparation is just to be present, take advantage of bonding opportunities, and be involved.” Morales is a firm believer that you have to treat people with empathy and respect to “have that vision to see what it can be.” 

After graduating from Clemson University, Morales aspires to get her master’s degree in education and teach in Boston, Massachusetts, at a public high school. Morales’s experience working for the Chronicle has inspired other students at Clemson University to pursue their artistic, creative, and unique dreams in their literary works. 

Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson is a Senior English major. Johnson is a copy editor for the Chronicle and she likes to read and write during her free time. Johnson expressed how she traveled a lot in her childhood, and she has always been fascinated by how different cultures and perspectives represent themselves in the Chronicle. Johnson expressed how her experience working as a copy editor for the Chronicle has been “a learning curve.” Johnson says her position as a copy editor involves, “Making sure no grammar mistakes are present in each writing and making sure it is as professional as possible.” 

While executing her role as a copy editor, Johnson expressed how she gained valuable skills like “Learning from outside resources and not being afraid to ask for help.” While enhancing her skills at the Chronicle, Johnson’s recommendation to anyone who would want to pursue a position as a copy editor at the Chronicle is to “Make sure you are taking the time to review and to take everything in with being a copy editor.” Johnson expressed how “Being a copy editor can be intimidating at first, but it’s a place where you can learn and have people to support you in doing so.” 

Johnson’s love for editing shows in her personality! Johnson says the number one thing that makes the Chronicle different from other literary magazines is “It gives Clemson students a platform to showcase their unique capabilities when it comes to art and literature.” Johnson hopes to continue working for the Chronicle to develop her writing and editing skills to prepare for her career aspirations. 

After graduating from Clemson University, Johnson wants to attend graduate school for English or creative writing and then pursue her dreams of becoming a content editor. Johnson’s experience working for the Chronicle has enhanced her editing skills and inspired her to become a better writer every day. 

The Chronicle is now accepting new members, and they are holding Zoom meetings every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. You may click on their website below to learn more information!


Written by: Acacia Bryant



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