Read More Books in 2019: Why Reading for Fun Should Be Your Top Resolution

We’re almost one month into the new year, and that means it’s reached the point of January when New Year’s resolutions are slowly abandoned and forgotten. Rather than letting your good intentions and healthy habits slip away, take a moment to recommit to them. Personally, my resolutions this year include making weekly trips to the recycling center, the usual “drink more water,” and most importantly, to read 19 books in 2019. I believe that setting (and sticking to) a reading goal should be one of your resolutions this year, too. … Continue readingRead More Books in 2019: Why Reading for Fun Should Be Your Top Resolution

9 Helpful Tips on Writing an Essay

Essays. Some people prefer them over tests, and some people hear the word and feel a sudden sense of panic. Writing a college essay can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not as bad as it seems. If you are organized, thorough, and manage your time well, you should be good to go. Here are 9 helpful tips on writing an essay to help you efficiently do your best work.
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5 Tips for Writing Online Content

In today’s online-centric world of embedded marketing and continuous content production, understanding and implementing techniques for online writing is essential to growing and maintaining a brand. It is very useful to know specific practices for publishing online content that is going to attract the most readers, engage them, and (if applicable) convert them into subscribers to future work. The metatextuality of writing a blog post about writing blog posts is not lost on me. In fact, I intend to capitalize on it by implementing the methods that I am suggesting, so that they are illustrated in concert with their direction. … Continue reading5 Tips for Writing Online Content