EMO: English Majors Organization


EMO: English Majors Organization

Lindsey Douglas and Stewart Ruddy, 2018 EMO Co-presidents


Are you a Clemson English major and want to be more involved within the major? Listen up! We sat down with Lindsey Douglas, one of the co-presidents of Clemson’s English Majors Organization, also known as EMO. This organization is an magnificent way to connect with other English majors, expand your network, and overall enhance your experience within the department.


Can you give a brief explanation of what EMO is, and how you got involved with it?

EMO stands for English Majors Organization. It is for English majors, minors, and enthusiasts alike to have a place to network, talk about books, writing, education, and just all things English! If anyone wants to get involved, all they have to do is show up to the meetings, talk to one of the presidents or other leaders, and pay $5 of dues for the semester.


Why do you think it is beneficial for English majors to be involved in this organization?

English is a very close-knit major by nature, but being a part of EMO allows students and other faculty and staff of Clemson English to support one another in a safe environment. It is also great for English/book lovers who have other majors, but miss the conversation surrounding literature! Lastly, it is a great place to network, work on professional communication through resume/cover letter workshops, and get advice from older members of the organization.


What are some of EMO’s main activities?

Every month when we have our meetings, we also try to do something fun and festive. In October, we painted pumpkins and just spent time socializing. In November, we had a book exchange where we all traded books. Here, the owner of the book would put a short synopsis of what the book is about and who would be a good new owner for the book. (Here is a video of the exchange in action)

We also have members who tutor at Littlejohn Community Center, and members who volunteer at Read Up Greenville.


What is one of your favorite memories/things about the organization?

One of my favorite memories from EMO is when we did the book exchange. We had a full room, and it was really neat to have people bring their favorite books and share them with others. Members received books that they otherwise would have never read or even probably picked off of the shelf. Everyone had a really awesome time and seemed to enjoy the event! I also just love getting to meet new people and welcoming them to the Clemson community.


How can English majors get involved in EMO if they aren’t already?

Although Stewart Ruddy, my fellow co-president, and I are transitioning out of our leadership roles, anyone who is interested in EMO is welcome to email me, Stewart, or Walt Hunter and we can get you involved!



If anyone is interested in taking over the President roles of EMO, please email me (Lindsey) and/or Walt as well!

Lindsey, President – ledougl@g.clemson.edu

Stewart, President – sruddy@g.clemson.edu

Walt Hunter, Director of Undergraduate Studies – hunter1@clemson.edu




Written By: Caroline Cavendish


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