The Benefits of Working in College

Over the past four years, the thing that helped me grow more than anything else has been working full or part time alongside my classes. Being a graphic communications major, I have always been an extremely hands on learner, and sitting in large classrooms listening to a lecture alone was never enough for me. Throughout the last 4 years of college, I have had many kinds of jobs and I believe each one helped me grow in a way just my degree alone couldn’t have. Managing both at once is difficult, but the skills and opportunities you’ll gain are worth it. … Continue readingThe Benefits of Working in College

Elaine Day on Working in the Sports Field

As some may know, there are many different avenues an English major can take. My curiosity led me to explore the sports field. I had the chance to correspond with grad student Elaine Day on what it is like working in the sports field, empowering moments that she encountered in her field, who inspires her, and lastly some advice that she lives by that was given to her from a past professor. … Continue readingElaine Day on Working in the Sports Field