Dr. Chelsea Murdock: Getting To Know The New Writing Center Director

“If you don’t do something with writing, you’re wasting your life.” That was a comment Dr. Chelsea Murdock received after writing fanfiction, and it changed her life. From shifting majors from voice to geology to finally English, Dr. Murdock is comfortable with exploring both the technical and creative parts of herself. With the fall of 2019 being her first semester as the new director of the Writing Center at Clemson, the Pearce Center for Professional Communication decided to learn more about Dr. Murdock. We delved into her background and professional past, her role as Writing Center Director and her plans for the future.  … Continue readingDr. Chelsea Murdock: Getting To Know The New Writing Center Director

Read More Books in 2019: Why Reading for Fun Should Be Your Top Resolution

We’re almost one month into the new year, and that means it’s reached the point of January when New Year’s resolutions are slowly abandoned and forgotten. Rather than letting your good intentions and healthy habits slip away, take a moment to recommit to them. Personally, my resolutions this year include making weekly trips to the recycling center, the usual “drink more water,” and most importantly, to read 19 books in 2019. I believe that setting (and sticking to) a reading goal should be one of your resolutions this year, too. … Continue readingRead More Books in 2019: Why Reading for Fun Should Be Your Top Resolution

The Benefits of Working in College

Over the past four years, the thing that helped me grow more than anything else has been working full or part time alongside my classes. Being a graphic communications major, I have always been an extremely hands on learner, and sitting in large classrooms listening to a lecture alone was never enough for me. Throughout the last 4 years of college, I have had many kinds of jobs and I believe each one helped me grow in a way just my degree alone couldn’t have. Managing both at once is difficult, but the skills and opportunities you’ll gain are worth it. … Continue readingThe Benefits of Working in College

The Benefits of an Internship Early in College

In today’s competitive job market, employers are searching for the best of the best. Although at the beginning of freshman year many are simply thinking about surviving their first year of college, graduation and entrance into your next phase of life comes faster than you realize. Internships during your college years are the most remarkable experiences that will best prepare you for the transition into a professional career. Employers seek solid and well-rounded resumes, and the professional experience of an internship greatly enhances your appeal to employers. The array of benefits from an internship are perennial, however there are a few very significant reasons I believe that everyone should participate in an internship program during their freshman year of college or the summer after. … Continue readingThe Benefits of an Internship Early in College