Four Benefits of Taking a Communication Course

When faced with the daunting duty of giving a speech, scared students begin to beg for snakes, heights, and germs instead of standing in front of their peers and presenting. A required course for undergraduates at many universities – including Clemson – public speaking is seen as a terrifying task to many. However, the majority of college students are unaware of the benefits that a communication course provides – regardless of any prior experience and major. … Continue readingFour Benefits of Taking a Communication Course

Active Listening is Key to Good Communication

In an environment like the workplace, it can sometimes seem you have to display a consistent competitive nature in order to be successful. The pressure to constantly provide the newest and freshest ideas in order to prove your value can lead you to talking more than you listen. This is actually a hindrance to your professional communication skills and makes the workplace less inviting and more stressful. The ability to effectively listen is an important skill for anyone to have, but it is especially important amongst co-workers in order to generate ideas. … Continue readingActive Listening is Key to Good Communication