Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Megan Eatman

Dr. Megan Eatman goes by a lot of titles: Mother of a 7-month-old daughter, author of a recently-finished book about the rhetorics of violence in the United States, and as of August 2019, the new Director of Clemson’s First-Year Composition program.After 13 years in her role as director of the program, Dr. Cynthia Haynes stepped down in Spring 2019. She will now serve as the director of the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design Ph.D. program. Dr. Haynes leaves behind her legacy of instilling humanity, compassion, and ethics in the classroom. Dr. Eatman plans to continue the success of the program through an emphasis on inquiry and a critical understanding of rhetoric.  … Continue readingFaculty Spotlight: Dr. Megan Eatman

Faculty Profile: Victoria Houser and Shauna Chung

Not only are Victoria Houser and Shauna Chung working toward their doctorates in Rhetorics, but they are co-teaching Clemson’s First Year Composition class while doing so. Victoria and Shauna won an award celebrating their demonstration of excellence in teaching first-year writing Victoria won the Adobe Creative Teaching Award for First-Year Writing. This award is presented to one graduate student who excels in teaching with technology using the Adobe Creative Suite. Shauna won the Thomas E. Douglass Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is presented to the graduate teaching assistants who best exemplify the high standards of teaching Prof. Douglass promoted and practiced throughout his tenure in the English Department. … Continue readingFaculty Profile: Victoria Houser and Shauna Chung