How to Have a Successful School Routine

The transition from being on a summer schedule to reverting back into a daily school routine always proves to be a challenge. After working, interning, or vacationing throughout the summer, many college students are left feeling frazzled and without a sturdy routine as college classes start up again in early fall. While adjusting back into college life, there are several tips to help maintain a routine in which you feel rested, balanced, and motivated. Keep reading to find out how to have a successful school routine.

1. Get rest.

While many college students struggle with getting sleep, it is very possible to attend class, work a job, maintain a social life, and relax without losing large amounts of sleep. The biggest problem that inhibits sleep patterns in college students is the lack of time management skills. When your time is properly managed, you will find plenty of time to check all of the items off your to-do list and have ample time to spare. Rest also entails having time to relax at your dorm or apartment. When I lived in a dorm, I always loved going to the bottom floor and playing the piano to relax. I, along with many other college students, also love reading a fun fiction book, watching television, and painting to wind down after being stressed.

2. Make a sleep routine.

Make it a goal to go to sleep before midnight each day. You know your body best, but most people thrive when getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Even if you have an 8 o’clock morning class, eight hours of sleep can be achieved if you aim to go to sleep around 11 pm. If eight hours of sleep seems completely unreasonable, try your best to get the best quality of sleep possible. If you only have time to sleep six hours a night, for example, try to truly regain energy during these short six hours. One device that helps me get into a deep sleep is the DOHM sound machine. This sound machine is fantastic at eliminating background noise, which is always common when living in a dorm or apartment complex. Here is the link to purchasing the DOHM Another fantastic way to get the best sleep possible is to invest in an essential oils diffuser. Essential oils are proven to reduce stress and tension. Many people like to diffuse essential oils at night to relieve stress from a long day at work or school. Here is the link to my diffuser that was purchased from Amazon

3. Manage your time.

As mentioned above, time management is vital to success in college. I recommend investing in a daily planner to stay organized. Not only does a planner help you plan your day, but it also makes you feel accomplished when you are able to cross off chores, homework assignments, and meetings. My favorite planner is called the Day Designer. It has a to-do list and time schedule included on each page so you can know exactly when to go to class, go to work, go to lunch, or head home. Here is a link to the Day Designer website  My favorite planner is the Day Designer Blush Spotty Dot 5×8 (photograph included) and I purchased it at Target. Coming complete with a pocket and adorable gold stickers, this planner has kept me organized and motivated throughout the week.

4. Be consistent and reliable.

One of the most important aspects of being a succeeding student and having a successful routine is attending class. While it seems simple, attending class not only helps you get on a routine, but it also makes you feel accomplished and balanced. For me, attending class helps me stay organized because I hear firsthand from the professor which assignments are due. Personally, I feel anxious not knowing what happened in class or when certain assignments are due so attending class makes me feel productive and informed. I also love attending class for the social aspect. I have become close friends with other students in my Secondary Education-English cohort and I love catching up with them at class!

5. Live a balanced life.

As mentioned above, it is important to maintain a social life inside and outside of school. Do your best to make friends in your classes! These new friends will be your lifesavers. It is always nice to have a friend in class, someone to study with at the library, or a pal to read over essays. I have made lifetime friends through my classes. It is also fundamental to make time to spend time socializing outside of school. After a stressful day, try to detach from the bad day and go grab a treat with your friends. My friends and I love to walk downtown to Insomnia Cookies or hop in the car to get dinner at Taco Bell. Going to watch a movie or snagging dinner spontaneously is a great way to feel reenergized and balanced. Maintaining an active social life will help you have a successful routine as a college student.

While every student is different, these tips have helped me maintain a successful and balanced college life. Make sure to get lots of rest and relaxation during stressful weeks or while transitioning back to school. By doing so, you will feel motivated and successful in your weeks adjusting back to college life.


Written By: Cameron Gaubert


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