How to Stay Connected While Working Remotely 

This year has been a challenge for students and professionals to connect and collaborate. There is value behind face-to-face interaction, but luckily, we have the technology that provides human connection, even amid these unprecedented times. Here are some tips to stay connected while working remotely.

Take Advantage of Collaborating Apps and Software

Whether it is a group project or just to socialize with friends, collaboration apps make it easier than ever to provide a feeling of togetherness from the screen of your laptop. Many college classes have begun using Zoom and Microsoft Teams in order to meet and collaborate virtually. Setting up meetings for a quick 15-20-minute gathering is an easy and efficient way to talk and get the job done. 

Make Yourself Available

Since we are working from home, the feeling that you must continuously be working is not uncommon. Remember that even though all of your work is awaiting you in your laptop sitting on your bedside table, you need to give yourself some space away from your work. With meetings and classes, make yourself available to connect with people socially. Creating a virtual drop-in happy hour is a simple way to give people the opportunity to drop-in and chat. It can be a stress reliever to communicate and relate with others about the feelings and challenges you are facing. 

Call Home Often

It is easy to get overwhelmed and caught up with the new virtual work environment we find ourselves in, but it is important to take time to stay in touch with loved ones. A quick phone call or Facetime can change your entire mood and let people know that even though you may not be together, you are still thinking about them.

Virtual Movie/Game Nights

To create a fun social event for employees or friends, try out Netflix Party where you can simultaneously stream with others. There is a chat window and a synced play/pause option so that nobody is left out. Another fun option is a virtual game night. Jackbox Games makes it super easy for players to compete in an array of games remotely.

It is easy to feel alone right now, but these tips can help create a sense of togetherness and boost your productivity as you work from home.


Written By: Delaney Niemeyer


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