Sparking Creativity During a Creative Block


Staring at a blank page and lost for new ideas? We’ve all been there! Whether you are a graphic designer that creates visual content on a daily basis or a biology major writing a lab report for class, we have all faced some sort of creative block. Fighting it and stressing over the issue typically only makes the problem worse. As someone aiming to enter the creative field of marketing, I am often faced with this problem. Because of this, I have compiled a list of tips that help me overcome any mental block with a productive spurt of creativity.

Seek out others for inspiration

The best creativity comes from developing and improving upon other ideas. While it may not seem as original, there is nothing wrong with looking to others first for inspiration.

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm

This one seems obvious, but grab a blank sheet of paper and write down every single idea that pops into mind. Even if the idea seems silly and unworthy, writing it down may get your creative juices flowing.

Keep a running list

Many of my creative ideas come to me when I least expect it. Writing them down  as they come in helps me remember them once it’s time to get to work.

Tidy up your creative space

Get rid of clutter and other distractions that may be disrupting your creative flow. Sometimes I even move to a different workspace for a new environment and fresh perspective.

Compartmentalize your ideas with lists

You may have too many ideas instead of not enough, so organizing your thoughts by writing them down and compartmentalizing them can help your best ideas stand out.

Sleep on it

Even if you think another cup of coffee will get the job done, there is nothing more beneficial than a full night’s sleep for a revitalized mind. Even if you take a quick power nap, this can help reset your thoughts to restart your creative process.

Stop working and start having fun

Instead of trying to be creative for work, take a break to be creative for fun. Create something that you enjoy, such as a painting, writing sample, graphic or anything else that reminds you why you love to create in the first place!

Start a monotonous task

Studies show that pausing to do nothing is less effective in spurring creativity than performing a monotonous task. Cleaning the house, listening to music, cooking or any other easy task can often help spark new ideas.

Make mistakes and search for feedback

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and starting over! If you can’t figure out what to create, try your best and ask for feedback from others to improve in the future.

Hopefully these tips help you get through your next creative block, but the most important thing to remember is that this is not a comprehensive list! Everyone has certain tips that work best for them, and maybe a few other personal tricks that work as well. Finding your own process to spark your creativity is the key to overcoming your next creative block. Work through some of these tips during your next blank page moment, and hopefully you will end up with your most creative idea yet!


Written by: Roxie Ware


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