Social Media in the Corporate World

Social Media in the Corporate World 

Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter … the list goes on and on. It seems that every year brings a new social media platform to entertain, inspire and broaden our social networking opportunities, but are they genuinely useful? Do they take away or add value to our lives? Are they a necessity or a distraction? These are all questions that I have asked myself while navigating the social media world, both personally and professionally.

Transitioning from generating content on your personal social media accounts to a business’s social media accounts can be both challenging and exciting. The message, voice, type of content and many other elements vary greatly. While every business has a different goal and audience, there are some universal tips I have learned when it comes to accomplishing your business’s overall social media goals:

1. Know your audience
Knowing your audience is one of the most crucial aspects of running successful social media. Your audience ultimately determines which platforms to focus on, the type of content, and your overall voice. Because most brands already have a brand image based on their target audience, your social media should be an accurate representation of that brand in order to reach the most effective group of individuals.

2. Be unique and entertaining
Differentiation is fundamental. Beyond being informative and relevant, your content should also be attention-grabbing. With so many distractions on social media, having pages that both entertain and inform is the best way to maintain your audience’s attention.

3. Create a content calendar
Having a social media content calendar is key for maintaining organized, unified social media. Applications such as Hootsuite or Buffer are great tools when it comes to scheduling and planning out exactly what you plan to post on each platform.

4. Be flexible
While having a schedule is important, being able to adapt to an ever-changing environment is equally as important. Because social media channels can literally change overnight, paying attention to your audience’s needs and being able to adapt to them turns a mediocre social media account into a successful platform.

5. Quality over quantity
Choosing two or three relevant platforms and utilizing those to the best of your ability is far more effective than being present on every single social media site. Knowing your audience’s demographics and understanding the trends of each platform can help you to best select which sites to use. By doing this, you are focusing your time, energy and resources to have a smaller number of effective pages rather than a large number of ineffective pages.

 While there are many other tips one should follow while developing and running their business’s social media, these are the ones that I have found most useful! By combining these guidelines, while adding your own flair, you can turn social media pages from a hassle into an entertaining, informative business tool.                                                               


Written By: Emma Collins


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