A graphic depicting the Fall 2023 Pearce Interns and their clients featuring a group photo of the interns posed outside in front of some trees. The information in the graphic is transcribed below.

A Pearce perspective


In Fall 2023, 17 Pearce Interns worked with 11 different clients on a variety of projects. Read more about each of the projects and the interns’ experiences below!

Clemson University College of Arts of Humanities:

For this past semester, the College of Arts and Humanities team completed two main projects. Every other week, the team would post a student-led interview onto the CAH Instagram. Each interview consisted of different CAH majors at all different stages of their college careers. Every other week opposite to the student-led interviews, the CAH team would post a creative Instagram reel video highlighting different aspects of CAH. These included building tours, event highlights and more! 

Pearce Center Digital Marketing:

For this past semester, the Pearce Center’s digital marketing team collaborated with the VID interns to produce three posts on the Pearce Center’s Instagram and Facebook pages weekly. These posts included intern spotlights, writing/interviewing tips and tricks, project updates and more! They also created the Pearce Center’s first ever newsletter that will go live this semester. 

Pickens County Humane Society:

This semester the Pickens County Humane Society team accomplished both a website audit and an Instagram launch for the client. They are excited to continue to maintain their Instagram and help spread the word about adoptable pets in Pickens County. The strategic approach and ongoing commitment aim to maximize impact and further contribute to the Humane Society’s mission.

Writers’ Harvest:

At Writers’ Harvest, the interns’ proactive efforts in spreading the word and meticulous planning resulted in raising over $200 and garnering a plethora of canned goods donations for the Paw Pantry. The event was a success and brought together the Clemson community around storytelling and poetry.

Emerson Rose Heart Foundation:

For Emerson Rose Heart Foundation, interns did several projects. First, they went to events and interviewed Heart Families to gather their stories. They also created social media graphics for Emerson Rose’s Instagram page. Finally, they wrote up stories about Heart Warriors to be published online!

Office of Global Engagement:

This past semester, the team for the Office of Global Engagement successfully made three creative infographics for the Clemson Abroad Offices. 


Our team interviewed UPIC interns and mentors and wrote articles about their experiences for the 2023 UPIC Magazine. Interns created the InDesign file for the magazine, including the cover, story layouts and placeholders for information next semester’s team will complete. The team had a lot of fun creating the framework for this year’s magazine, and they can’t wait to see what next semester’s team accomplishes!


This semester, the BRIEF team was able to create social media posts for BRIEF’s Facebook and Instagram. As a team, interns worked together to create two posts a week to promote donating, volunteering and general information about BRIEF. In addition to social media posts, the team wrote the highlight stories of multiple BRIEF students and formulated a newsletter that was sent to BRIEF’s donors, families and volunteers. 

Experiential Learning: 

This semester, Pearce Interns worked with the Clemson Experiential Learning team on promoting the different subsets of experiential learning. The team collaborated with clients on figuring out how they were going to accurately share stories and information about the different opportunities within experiential learning. They decided to interview a variety of students who participate in experiential learning, from study abroad to creative inquiries. Currently, the interns are in the process of conducting those interviews, and they are so excited to move forward with this project in the following semester!

Tiger Tales: 

Tiger Tales has been posting weekly to tell the stories of many different members in the Clemson community. The team has been able to share some amazing stories of involved students, loved professors, local business owners and familiar campus faces. One of the highlights of this semester has been watching the post about Dave and Buddy blow up. Reaching 7,000 people, the interns were able to spread their story, expand their audience and gain hundreds of new followers.

Habitat for Humanity of Pickens County:

This semester’s Habitat projects were extremely rewarding. The team was fantastic when working together and facing problems that were completely new to them. Interns worked to create newsletters and social media campaigns for the client to drive donations and volunteers to the organization. The team is so proud of the work they’ve done for Habitat and the campaigns they designed for them.

Ripple of One: 

The team of Ripple of One worked primarily under the guidance of Magan Messana and Stephanie Enders to accomplish a mutual goal — improving social media presence. The team did so by including their branding kit extensively, increasing the quantity of social media interaction and including eye-catching graphics with posts. Some members of the team also attended a graduation ceremony, taking pictures and recording the event. Lastly a member also made trailers for the organization by editing through several video clips of existing footage.