Online Job Searching Tips in the Middle of a Pandemic

Online Job Searching Tips in the Middle of a Pandemic

It can feel like trying to find a job takes forever especially when we are in the middle of a global pandemic. As companies are moving to remote work and employees are being laid off, you may be questioning how to search for a job. During this time of the market slowing down, it is important to focus on what we can control improving your skills and networking. Here are five job searching tips that will guide and advance your hunting.

1. Do some research
Since we have so much free time right now, there is no better opportunity to begin your job search if you haven’t yet. Learn more about different professional fields that connect to your major or other positions you are curious about. You can research entry-level positions and consider how you could grow as a professional in that position. Forbes has a lot of informational resources and LinkedIn provides many available job positions based on location. If you are wanting to move somewhere specific, research positions in your desired location.  

2. Get comfortable networking online
As we are all quarantining and using the Internet daily, this is a great time to connect with companies, firms, organizations and alumni from Clemson. Reach out and ask questions. For example: “What is it like to work at this company? Will the company be hiring in the near future? What is the interview process like?” Also stay connected to the Career Center, your academic advisors and your professors because they can help you!

3. Use this time to reflect
Since the job market has slowed down, take advantage of this time to gain clarity about where you want to work and the role you are looking for. I suggest creating a document that lists your target industry, companies, job titles and anything you are looking for in a job. You want to use this time wisely in order to learn about all of the different job positions and find the one that is right for you!

 4. Boost your skills 
During this time, you should focus on strengthening your skills and qualifications. Look at job descriptions and make a list of each skill required. If you are lacking in a certain skill, brush up on it in order to make yourself an even better candidate. For example, if you are applying for a social media position, the position will probably require Google Analytics and Hootsuite. If you were to get certified in one (or both), that would make your resume stand out more.

 5. Refine your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn
Checking over your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn for typos and grammatical errors is a great use of your time. Using consistent font sizes and formatting is very important, so give your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account some extra attention and you may become a better candidate. There is no better time to make yourself more ready for the job market.

It is important to lay the groundwork now so that you are prepared when the crisis is over. Opening doors and creating relationships will only allow you to stand out more in the near future when the market starts speeding back up again. Continue searching for a job during this time and you may just land your dream role!

Written By: Kaytina Taylor

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