Fast Facts About Nonprofit Communications You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Fast Facts About Nonprofit Communications You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


Are you interested in learning about nonprofit organizations? Do you wish you knew more facts about how they interact with the public? Does social media marketing interest you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these fun facts will scratch that itch! 

What was the most popular social media app used in 2019?

What are the most effective social media applications to use for a business?
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

What percentage of adults use social media?
71 percent of adults with access to the Internet use at least one social media application.  

What is the best application to use for a nonprofit organization when it comes to creating informational graphics as content?
Canva is a fantastic application to use that helps organizations create graphics to post on their platforms.  It allows nonprofits to use templates to brighten their social media accounts! Another benefit of using Canva is the fact that it is free.  

What is a vital part of creating an effective social media platform for nonprofit organizations?
Creating a social media audit and a situational analysis is the perfect preparation for creating a strong social media platform.  A social media audit refers to the steps taken to check if an organization’s social media techniques are working efficiently (Freberg). 

Which social media app is most useful for nonprofit organizations?
Twitter! This application allows for quick spurts of information that inform the audience on important events and knowledge pertaining to the organization. Twitter is very simple to use and has a clear layout, making it easy for audience members to view the information the organization is presenting. This application can be beneficial for marketing, customer and volunteer support and increasing engagement of citizens. 

What are some tips for nonprofit organizations?
Nonprofit organizations can benefit greatly from investing in:

  • education
  • people
  • research
  • sponsored content

It is also vital for organizations to have a clear strategic plan for their social media posts in order to create an effective platform. Nonprofit organizations should create a brand and build off it.  The brand should be personable, ensuring strengthened relationships with the audience members (Freberg). 

For more information:
Freberg, Karen. Social Media for Strategic Communication: Creative Strategies and Research-Based Applications. SAGE, 2019. 


Written By: Katie Mann


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