Uber Queen smiles at the camera while posing in a hallway.Tiger Tales: Uber Queen

You may know her as UberQueen, the smiling face you see when ridesharing around downtown Clemson. More than a smiling face, local rideshare icon Tesshea Adams’ business savvy is unparalleled. She can be found not only driving students in downtown Clemson but also engaging with folks on social media.

“It is exceptionally fulfilling,” Adams says as she describes her experience as Clemson’s most beloved Uber driver. One of Adams’ favorite parts of the job is meeting the faces of the Clemson community, especially the students.

While going through a divorce, Adams was looking for something to do and stumbled upon Uber. Being a social media manager at the time, Adams applied her knowledge of social media marketing to her new venture. “I made my social media accounts before I ever even took a drive,” Adams said.

Since her children call her “Queen,” and Uber means “super,” Adams combined the words together, applying her knowledge of social media marketing to her new venture to create the memorable name UberQueen.

Currently a Tri-County student, the mom of three is pursuing a career in radio. From attending classes to taking care of her kids to launching her clothing company to Ubering, Adams balances all that life throws at her with the thought that “there is nothing a woman can’t do.”

As an open communicator with strangers, friends and clients alike, she also believes in speaking openly with her own children. Wanting to raise her kids to be self-sustaining, even the youngest, at age 9, already knows how to cook whole meals for the family.

When talking to her children about their futures, Adams encourages her children to go wherever their hearts desire, rather than following the idea of a legacy by attending Clemson University. “I’ve always told them, ‘even though you see Mommy in Clemson all the time, you have all my riders here all the time, we go to restaurants here and everyone knows me in Clemson, I do not want you to go to Clemson because of that.’” She wants them to go where they will get the best education for them rather than going to somewhere familiar to them.

If you get the chance to Uber with the Queen, make sure to sign her guest book. She never rips out a page, no matter the obscenity, imagery or choice words included in an individual’s message. Each and every one of these messages is posted to her Instagram account for her and her followers’ entertainment.

“Everything that I do, I just want to continue to uber it, to make it better and be the best at it that I can be.”

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