Malik Balogun poses with a group of Clemson students and smiles at the camera.

Tiger Tales: Malik Balogun

It was surreal. He just couldn’t believe it was over. 

“All the hard work we had put in really paid off,” said Malik Balogun, reflecting on the moment he had been announced as the new student body president. “Thankful is the one word to describe how I felt.” 

Balogun knew he needed to run for president when he realized that although he felt right at home at Clemson, many of his friends did not. The Clemson experience needed to be revived. 

“Every student that comes through this University should feel like this is their home and not just their school,” Balogun said. 

Together with running mate Julia Blouin, the political duo and their team created a campaign platform with a goal to increase student engagement on campus. While there were stressful times, the candidates kept positive spirits. This supportive relationship strengthened their perseverance and helped lead them to a win. 

Balogun’s ties to Clemson run deep. Growing up, he remembers visiting the University with his mother who is a very involved alumna. His mother’s pride and loyalty to the University through her scholarship endowment and seat on the Alumni Board encouraged Balogun to give Clemson a chance. After seeing all of the students’ smiling faces and falling in love with the industrial engineering program during his campus tour, Balogun decided Clemson would be his home for the next five years.

The industrial engineering major is involved with the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, IPTAY Student Advisory Board, Student Alumni Council and works in the College of Engineering Dean’s Office. 

The student body president encourages incoming students to step out of their comfort zones. “Don’t take the natural path. Veer off and see what other options are out there on Clemson’s campus.” Some of Balogun’s favorite experiences at Clemson arose from having an open mindset and trying new things.  

“I really have a passion for meeting new people and establishing and valuing relationships…it’s never been a task for me,” Balogun said.

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