Tiger Tales: Lacey Hennessy


What started as painting fraternity coolers and sorority canvases has turned into a budding career for Lacey Hennessey. A 2002 PRTM Clemson grad, Hennessey worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years before taking a daring leap into her full-time career as a painter. Today she is the owner of Lacey Does, the company through which she paints commissioned murals and large scale pieces out of Greenville, SC. 

On the walls of Kanga, Kite Hill Brewing Co., Tipsy Taco, the Ronald McDonald House and many more, you’ve definitely seen one of Hennessey newest murals. 

Hard to miss, the Tiger Mural stands tall and proud on the side of Judge Keller’s store in the heart of downtown Clemson. Hennessey doesn’t usually enter contests, but on a whim, she decided to throw her name in the ring for this project back in 2020. After winning the public vote, she created a design to reflect the spirit, history and uniqueness of the City of Clemson. It’s likely Hennessey’s design will be an iconic part of College Avenue for many years to come.

Back when Hennessey entered the downtown mural contest, she had painted about 4 murals. Today, her work can be seen in over 60 businesses and private homes. Her business process can be described as “throwing stuff on the wall and seeing what sticks,” she is constantly exploring new avenues to see where her brand can go next. 

To young artists out there or anyone looking to grow their own brand, Hennessey gives the advice: “Become a yes person. Always be willing to try something new, whether you think you’re going to fail or succeed, you might surprise yourself.”