Tiger Tales: Grace Coffee Company


Emma Grace and Caroline, two juniors at Clemson from Columbia, SC, recently opened a coffee shop in Downtown Clemson, called Grace Coffee Company. The business was actually started in the fall of 2016, when Emma Grace and her dad started selling coffee out of a vintage camper. Ultimately, Caroline was hired and the two girls decided to open their first brick-and-mortar store in Clemson. The business mission has remained the same throughout the years –– a coffee shop focused on being approachable to all coffee drinkers, having excellent customer service at all times, offering positive interactions between people in the shop, and providing a great drink to make someone’s day. The Grace Coffee Company team focuses on those small interactions with customers and even goes to great lengths to remember customer’s names on their second visit to the store! With 15 new baristas, the employees are passionate about what they do, take their work seriously and work together to curate new recipes and create hand-crafted, personalized drinks for each customer. Emma Grace and Caroline are excited about seeing and talking to people in person, meeting new people, developing relationships and bringing people together, no matter their differences, over a delicious cup of coffee. Their motto is that “we all need a little more grace and coffee in our lives,” and that is just what Grace Coffee Company provides!

“We’re really passionate about making a difference in the community over a cup of coffee.”

“Something I am really excited about is seeing people in here, meeting with people again, having conversations, developing relationships with the people to the left and the right of you. I think it’s really important that no matter what you think about a topic, no matter what you may think somebody else thinks, no matter what stereotypes are in your mind, if we can find one thing in common –– whether that’s Clemson football or meeting over a cup of coffee –– it’ll allow us to have more grace for each other and for ourselves.”

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