Tiger Tales: Erica Walker


Assistant professor Erica Walker likes the view of Clemson best through the lens of a video camera. As a member of the university since 2012, Walker started as an adjunct professor in the Graphic Communications department. Moving from lecturer to Ph.D. student, she is now applying for tenure. 

Her passion for getting involved with the students and community can be seen through her hard work and dedication to the Campus MovieFest, which typically occurs annually. “It brings in students who have stories to tell but have never thought of themselves as filmmakers,” she said. 

In the classroom, Walker likes to connect art with industry. Calling it her “pet project,” she exposes her students to a myriad of industry angles, including: Adobe development teams to try out a new beta software; Industry Expert Adjuncts from fields such as UX/UI; social content creation, film making, branding and design; and other hands-on challenges.

Erica’s advice for young people is to “try everything that you can try and even if you don’t like it, that’s important to know.” She is a strong believer in getting out to experience life, meeting new people and seeing far places.