Carlyle Griffin smiles at the camera while posing in a field.Tiger Tales: Carlyle Griffin

Since graduating from Clemson University in May 2021, Carlyle Griffin has taken her talents to new levels. As a former intern at the Pearce Center for Professional Communication, Griffin began her professional career at Clemson while working closely with clients to create deliverables such as social media content, videos and website designs. This hands-on experience taught her how to truly listen and communicate with others, preparing her for the future. 

While at the Pearce Center, Griffin was able to take the lead on various client projects, including Call My Name and First Baptist Clemson. Griffin became the team lead for Call My Name during her second semester with the Pearce Center. She says that this project consisted mostly of event coordination, graphic design and social media work. Not only did she enjoy working with Dr. Rhondda Thomas and Call My Name because of the creative aspects of this project, but Griffin was also fascinated by the historical content of the project. Learning about the history of Clemson was a special part of her experience at the Pearce Center. 

Griffin also worked closely with First Baptist Clemson, an inclusive community of faith located close to campus. Her main tasks for this client included spearheading their website redesign and filming, editing and producing videos for sermons. Griffin describes her experience at the Pearce Center as “invaluable” because she was able to work in a client-facing role and develop a solid base of knowledge on which to grow. The Pearce Center allowed her to work in many facets of public relations, communication and marketing. 

As a Clemson grad, Griffin currently works full-time for a financial company on their direct mail marketing team. Her role as a marketing coordinator allows her to use both the analytic and creative parts of her mind. She is also pursuing music full-time in Nashville, TN. Her latest release, “Symptomatic Daydream”, showcases her incredible writing and vocal abilities. 

Performing is on Griffin’s long list of passions. She began performing in church when she was five years old. At age 10, she received her first guitar. After a few years, she began to learn to play music and write her own songs. Her love for music continued to grow and she realized that this was something that she could pursue. Griffin said that, “It is rare to find something that you love and want to pursue at a young age.” She continued to perform during her time at Clemson, singing hits from artists like Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac. Now located in Nashville, Griffin began singing in a new setting. 

When asked about her new single and budding music career, Griffin emphasized the importance of networking. She credits a Nashville specialty, Writers’ Rounds, which are events hosted at different venues where artists and songwriters are invited to perform their music in the local area. Griffin loves hearing what other artists are doing, meeting new faces, and learning about others’ creative processes. Griffin met the producer of “Symptomatic Daydream” at one of the Writers’ Rounds in 2021. After he heard a sample of her song, he was inclined to produce the record and work with Griffin to release it. 

“It’s the best feeling to put all that work into something and know that people want to hear it,” says Griffin. The collaborative environment fostered by Nashville and its people allowed her to take this next step within the music industry. Griffin is currently deciding what comes next for her music career, but she hints that there are two projects on the horizon. Her talent and drive ensure success for Griffin and make listeners excited for her future releases.  

“Symptomatic Daydream” can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and iHeart Radio now. It is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music. 

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