Tiger Tales: Canine Companions


Ashleigh Binz and Nicholas Morgan are co-presidents of the Canine Companions, Clemson’s  14th collegiate chapter of the national organization. Through their leadership of the chapter, Binz and Morgan aim to raise service dogs on a college campus for people with disabilities. After waiting a year, Morgan will finally get the chance to raise a dog of his own this December. 

When asked what he is most looking forward to about raising a service dog, Morgan says that he is excited for the dog’s graduation day and seeing how they will change someone’s life, even if “giving the dog away will be one of the hardest things [he] will ever do.” 

Binz and Morgan started this organization during their freshman year in an effort to have more service dogs on campus and to raise awareness for service animal etiquette. Within the first three weeks of starting the organization, they hit their two-year goals of upstarting the club and garnering interest. There are now over 420 members on Tiger Quest and continuous support throughout the Clemson community, which is made evident through donations and help with fundraising. Clemson University is working to update guidelines to make campus a more safe and accessible environment for service animals. 

The Canine Companions are expected to receive three puppies this spring for puppy raisers on-campus after a year-long waitlist. Binz and Morgan both want to advocate for service animals and show just how big of an impact they can have on the lives of people with disabilities. Their passion is evident, as well as their work ethic. Binz and Morgan hope to leave their legacy at Clemson through this organization and hope to see increased tangible evidence through more puppy raisers and service dogs on-campus. 

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