Alex Ittenbach poses with his signature yellow sneakers, hat and backpack on a Clemson sidewalk.

Tiger Tales: Alex Ittenbach

Sluggish mid-winter blues have nothing on the human highlighter, Alex Ittenbach. 

With his signature neon yellow sportswear, Ittenbach, 22, lights up campus on overcast days. And while his neon yellow backpack, baseball cap, kicks, and hair epitomize fashion, Ittenbach says he’s not attempting to start a trend.

“I’m just trying to be who I am,” Ittenbach said. “[My fashion] brings out the positivity in me. It’s unique, creative and I love it.” 

Also called 4H (the human highlighter from Hilton Head), Ittenbach said his brand identity began in 2015 when Nike came out with a neon line. Though he is now an avid pickleball player, the then-tennis player was inspired.

When Alex isn’t playing pickleball — a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis and tennis — he’s working on his degree in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management, with a main focus on sports and hospitality. 

“I can see myself being in a stadium, any stadium, and taking care of [sports goers’] needs and managing the whole area of the stadium since I have a passion for sports,” the athlete said. 

For more human highlighter content, follow Ittenbach’s Instagram at @alex_neon4life. Bonus: if you’re up for a game of pickleball, slide into his DMs. People-person Ittenbach adds, “If anyone wants a challenge, I’ll beat them.”