Senior Spotlight: Reflecting on Seniors’ Experiences in the English Department and Post-Graduation Plans

Graduating college means taking a full leap into the real world, and these graduating seniors are taking the plunge with the skills they gained from the English department. See how these students plan to conquer life after Clemson. … Continue readingSenior Spotlight: Reflecting on Seniors’ Experiences in the English Department and Post-Graduation Plans

7 Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

Whether you’re in college, graduate school, or working in the professional force — the ability to write well is a highly sought after skill. In the world of professional communication, the best writers are the ones who can write both clearly and concisely. While becoming a strong writer takes practice, it is not as daunting of a task as it may initially seem. … Continue reading7 Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

Nonverbal Communication: Actions Speak Louder than Words

A timeless saying that attests to the importance of nonverbal communication in our lives is “actions speak louder than words.” Whether one hears this saying from a mother, a teacher, a friend, or anyone in any situation, it carries the similar and impactful claim that nonverbal communication is just as important as any other type of communication. In the workplace, communication is undoubtedly important, however, there are several ways that nonverbal communication can speak volumes of someone’s character and work ethic in any career field. The following situations are significant examples of when nonverbal communication is important and why it is important. … Continue readingNonverbal Communication: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Alumni Spotlight: Allison Daniel

It didn’t take long after graduation for me to decide my academic career wasn’t over. As I dived into the post-graduation world, I realized I missed the environment the classroom provides where a group of people are put together for the purpose of having thoughtful, important conversations. There wasn’t any question I wanted to return to Clemson to continue that journey, so I began the application process. Luckily, that meant less worrying about finding the perfect school and gave me more time to craft the perfect application for the school I knew I wanted to attend. … Continue readingAlumni Spotlight: Allison Daniel

Fiction Workshop

The Clemson English Department offers a wide range of courses.The department has courses in Shakespeare, technical writing, and writing workshops including one of its most unique classes, fiction workshop. We sat down with Nic Brown, one of the department’s workshop professors, and a few of his current students to find out more about the fiction workshop. … Continue readingFiction Workshop

The 2018-2019 Fred W. Shilstone Memorial Award Winner

Gabrielle Nugent recently received her MA in English Literature from Clemson University. Prior to attending graduate school, she worked in the publishing industry in New York City at places such as The New Yorker magazine, the independent book publisher, Grove/Atlantic, and the Aragi literary agency. Her research interests include twentieth- and twenty-first century fiction and poetry, ecocriticism, political philosophy, postcolonial studies, and comparative literature. Gabrielle grew up along the New Jersey coast but has enjoyed living in both South Carolina and New York in recent years. … Continue readingThe 2018-2019 Fred W. Shilstone Memorial Award Winner

Mystery Solved: How to Go from Failing a Class to Graduating Early

Coming to Clemson, I was completely unprepared for the workload, the amount of hours needed to put in for each class, and the ability to balance taking care of myself and school. I never needed to study in high school and, unfortunately, this came to bite me in the butt during my first semester of college. No matter how late I stayed up studying or how many hours of brainpower I put in, I wasn’t connecting with the material in front of me; something just wasn’t clicking. … Continue readingMystery Solved: How to Go from Failing a Class to Graduating Early

Why Your Liberal Arts Degree Matters

The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college, I switched my major from Language and International Health to English. I had struggled a lot in my science classes the past year, crying over chemistry problems and flipping mindlessly through biology flashcards. Despite knowing I was much more passionate about reading and writing, I felt pressured to force myself through classes for which I had little aptitude in order to work my way towards a respectable career. … Continue readingWhy Your Liberal Arts Degree Matters

When Life Gives You Opportunities, Create Experiences

I originally never paid attention to unpaid student jobs on campus because I did not think that I would be able to manage a job on top of a full class schedule. However, after reading through the two mass emails I received about The Pearce Center and what all their projects included in relation to my major, Graphic Communications, I wanted to know more information about this internship. … Continue readingWhen Life Gives You Opportunities, Create Experiences