How Being Involved Enhances the College Experience

College can be daunting, especially as a freshman. You’re moving out of the home you’ve known your entire life, moving away from your family and friends, and starting a new life in a new place. College is a lot different than high school, and the change, even though an exciting one, can be a big adjustment. One of the best ways to jump right in and tackle the adjustment head-on is by getting involved. Whether it be intramural or club sports, a university club or organization, an on-campus internship, or even undergraduate research, involvement allows you to meet other students on campus and explore your passions at the same time. … Continue readingHow Being Involved Enhances the College Experience

Elaine Day on Working in the Sports Field

As some may know, there are many different avenues an English major can take. My curiosity led me to explore the sports field. I had the chance to correspond with grad student Elaine Day on what it is like working in the sports field, empowering moments that she encountered in her field, who inspires her, and lastly some advice that she lives by that was given to her from a past professor. … Continue readingElaine Day on Working in the Sports Field