Dr. Chelsea Murdock: Getting To Know The New Writing Center Director

“If you don’t do something with writing, you’re wasting your life.” That was a comment Dr. Chelsea Murdock received after writing fanfiction, and it changed her life. From shifting majors from voice to geology to finally English, Dr. Murdock is comfortable with exploring both the technical and creative parts of herself. With the fall of 2019 being her first semester as the new director of the Writing Center at Clemson, the Pearce Center for Professional Communication decided to learn more about Dr. Murdock. We delved into her background and professional past, her role as Writing Center Director and her plans for the future.  … Continue readingDr. Chelsea Murdock: Getting To Know The New Writing Center Director

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Megan Eatman

Dr. Megan Eatman goes by a lot of titles: Mother of a 7-month-old daughter, author of a recently-finished book about the rhetorics of violence in the United States, and as of August 2019, the new Director of Clemson’s First-Year Composition program.After 13 years in her role as director of the program, Dr. Cynthia Haynes stepped down in Spring 2019. She will now serve as the director of the Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design Ph.D. program. Dr. Haynes leaves behind her legacy of instilling humanity, compassion, and ethics in the classroom. Dr. Eatman plans to continue the success of the program through an emphasis on inquiry and a critical understanding of rhetoric.  … Continue readingFaculty Spotlight: Dr. Megan Eatman

Characters, Dialogue and TV Pilots, Oh My: The Art of Screenwriting at Clemson

Clemson’s Screenwriting Workshop: the elusive, yet insanely cool course that you’ve always wanted to take, but never knew enough about. Screenwriting classes are always full as soon as they are released for students; however, no one ever discusses what goes on behind closed doors. … Continue readingCharacters, Dialogue and TV Pilots, Oh My: The Art of Screenwriting at Clemson

Fiction Workshop

The Clemson English Department offers a wide range of courses.The department has courses in Shakespeare, technical writing, and writing workshops including one of its most unique classes, fiction workshop. We sat down with Nic Brown, one of the department’s workshop professors, and a few of his current students to find out more about the fiction workshop. … Continue readingFiction Workshop

Faculty Spotlight: Brian McGrath

Dr. McGrath is an associate professor of British Literature and British Theory at Clemson. His research interests include Romanticism, Poetry and Poetics, and Aesthetic and Literary Theory. He received his undergraduate degree in English from Northwestern University, his masters in English from the University of Maine at Orono, and his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Emory University. We sat down with Dr. McGrath to ask him a few questions and get to know him and his work better! … Continue readingFaculty Spotlight: Brian McGrath

Ask an English Professor: Maria Bose and Kimberly Manganelli

Teaching curriculum ranging from Shakespeare to Screenwriting, Clemson English professors are incredibly well-versed in a variety of subjects. Whether English majors focus their studies on writing and publication or on literature, Clemson’s professors are passionate about English and always prepared for educating their students. … Continue readingAsk an English Professor: Maria Bose and Kimberly Manganelli

9 Helpful Tips on Writing an Essay

Essays. Some people prefer them over tests, and some people hear the word and feel a sudden sense of panic. Writing a college essay can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not as bad as it seems. If you are organized, thorough, and manage your time well, you should be good to go. Here are 9 helpful tips on writing an essay to help you efficiently do your best work.
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