Making the Most of Your Clemson Education

I spent my freshman year getting through classes by cramming, procrastinating, and doing the bare minimum in order to achieve the grades that I wanted. This did work for me in that way; I reached the goals that I had set for myself. But looking back on it, I hardly learned anything at all. Today, I couldn’t tell you about the human skeleton and systems, or about all of the theories I memorized definitions for, or have a five-minute conversation with you in Spanish using the tenses that I learned. I crammed, memorized, aced it, and completely forgot it. I was missing the point. Here’s what I should’ve done differently: … Continue readingMaking the Most of Your Clemson Education

Utilizing Resources in Cooper Library

Students have always had an interesting relationship with their college library.  There has been at least one night in the library where students have stayed up all night studying for a grueling exam that will count as 40% of their grade.  Even if some have not stayed up all night in the library before, the students that are in the library are usually drained and can only think about when they are going to get their next drop of coffee to keep themselves going.  Besides being a major study space and conversation area for social butterflies such as myself, the library actually has more helpful resources than students realize.  Here are some (but not all) benefits found in R.M. Cooper Library at Clemson University that will help students thrive in this space. … Continue readingUtilizing Resources in Cooper Library

How to Succeed with Short-Termed Library and Archival Fellowship Grants

On November 9 in the Class of ‘41 Studio, Dr. Susannah Ashton, the Chair of the English Department and professor of American Literature, led a presentation on how to improve your chances of receiving archival research fellowship grants. The audience included members of the Clemson faculty who are currently working on their own archival research projects and are aiming to learn about different opportunities to increase their probabilities of receiving a grant. … Continue readingHow to Succeed with Short-Termed Library and Archival Fellowship Grants