Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

So you’ve done it. You were hired as an intern for your dream company … or at least something adjacent to it. You spent weeks crafting your resume, re-working your cover letter, and completing copious amounts of interviews.

But even though you’re excited to get started, a huge question still looms:

Now what?

You might answer with: “work hard, get remembered, and have them wanting to hire me after graduation.” That’s a great answer, but how exactly does one do this? Although we don’t have the perfect recipe to having your managers going gaga over you, we have compiled a few easy tips you should be following! … Continue readingGetting the Most Out of Your Internship

Active Listening is Key to Good Communication

In an environment like the workplace, it can sometimes seem you have to display a consistent competitive nature in order to be successful. The pressure to constantly provide the newest and freshest ideas in order to prove your value can lead you to talking more than you listen. This is actually a hindrance to your professional communication skills and makes the workplace less inviting and more stressful. The ability to effectively listen is an important skill for anyone to have, but it is especially important amongst co-workers in order to generate ideas. … Continue readingActive Listening is Key to Good Communication

How Bad Grammar Affects Professionalism

The way in which a person speaks, in both what they choose to say and how they choose to say it, can reflect a lot about them as an individual. Many commonly use their personal voices and diction as a way to display intelligence, but society’s increasingly informal writing tendencies can lessen perceived intelligence in the professional world. In this day and age, informal writing is made popular through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. … Continue readingHow Bad Grammar Affects Professionalism