Seizing the Moment: An Intern’s Perspective

When Thomas Marshall accepted a social media internship with the Columbia Police Department, he expected a summer of captions, hashtags and retweets. Instead, he found himself the designated “catch-all person for communications.” This meant writing press releases, creating graphic designs, working directly with city and police communications officers, organizing fundraising events and, yes, still managing social media. … Continue readingSeizing the Moment: An Intern’s Perspective

Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

So you’ve done it. You were hired as an intern for your dream company … or at least something adjacent to it. You spent weeks crafting your resume, re-working your cover letter, and completing copious amounts of interviews.

But even though you’re excited to get started, a huge question still looms:

Now what?

You might answer with: “work hard, get remembered, and have them wanting to hire me after graduation.” That’s a great answer, but how exactly does one do this? Although we don’t have the perfect recipe to having your managers going gaga over you, we have compiled a few easy tips you should be following! … Continue readingGetting the Most Out of Your Internship