Clemson’s New Post-BA Advisor: Helping Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

Panicking about the future? Want to explore your future career options? Dr. Jonathan Beecher Field is here to help. The English department has created a new position designated for English majors who would like to help with preparing for life after graduation. Previously an informal position taken up by many of the faculty, the English department hopes to formalize it in order to assuage the anxiety around entering the job search or applying to grad schools.   … Continue readingClemson’s New Post-BA Advisor: Helping Students Prepare for Life After Graduation

Graduate Student Profile: Sarah Watkins

Meet Sarah Watkins: Sarah is studying to get her Master of Arts in English. She is the President of the Clemson Longsword Guild — a club where she studies historical european martial arts and connects with the history of 14th-century sword fighting.
Her dad was in the United States Navy so she moved constantly, sometimes claiming the Golden State as her home. … Continue readingGraduate Student Profile: Sarah Watkins

Alumni Spotlight: Allison Daniel

It didn’t take long after graduation for me to decide my academic career wasn’t over. As I dived into the post-graduation world, I realized I missed the environment the classroom provides where a group of people are put together for the purpose of having thoughtful, important conversations. There wasn’t any question I wanted to return to Clemson to continue that journey, so I began the application process. Luckily, that meant less worrying about finding the perfect school and gave me more time to craft the perfect application for the school I knew I wanted to attend. … Continue readingAlumni Spotlight: Allison Daniel