How to Network Effectively

Every college student is different, but for most of us, our reason for attending school is to eventually land our dream job. Freshman, you may be thinking that this blog post doesn’t apply to you—it does! There’s no time like the present to grow your network and prepare for professional life beyond college. For upperclassmen, now is the time to grow your network and create lasting professional relationships. … Continue readingHow to Network Effectively

Ask An English Professor

Clemson’s Department of English has professors passionate about a wide variety of subjects, ranging from post-colonial literature to children’s literature. Professors help shape students’ experiences and Clemson English professors are dedicated to educating and investing in their students, which is something I can attest to on a first-hand basis. We recently sat down to learn more about a few of them: … Continue readingAsk An English Professor

Ask an English Major: Which Author Would You Meet For Dinner?

Have you ever been so obsessed with an author that you would do anything to meet them just once in your life? Don’t you wish you could sit down with them and ask them all the questions that everyone has been dying to know the answers to? You are not alone. We asked five English majors the highly anticipated question: … Continue readingAsk an English Major: Which Author Would You Meet For Dinner?