Spotlighting the English Major’s Club

Finding the opportunities and support necessary to thrive is a priority of all driven college students. For Clemson English majors, the English Major’s Club (EMC) is their place to do just that. In recent years, EMC has become a safe haven for English majors, minors, writers and creatives alike. To better spotlight this organization, the Unbound team had a chance to talk with Hannah Sparks, the president of the English Major’s Club. 

Hannah Sparks

When asked what the English Major’s Club has done for Clemson, Sparks stated that “The club has helped establish a stronger literary and humanities presence on campus. EMC has also become a place where students can gather to have their written work peer-edited.” EMC aims to create and publish creative projects on campus as well as participate in various English department events. The community it has created is helping literary and humanities students learn to support each other while simultaneously fostering friendships and functioning as a creative outlet.

For Sparks, the club has allowed her to feel at home. An English major herself, she said that “The English Major’s Club has granted me access to a community of like-minded people.” When asked why students should join the English Major’s Club, Sparks stated that anyone interested in humanities, arts, literature and sharing work can find a home with the organization, just as she did, praising the group-oriented, inclusive nature of the club.  

Joining the club is easy and stress-free, and participation is not mandatory by any means. The English Major’s Organization meets biweekly on Mondays from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Members do not have to be an English, humanities or arts student to join! Club events range from virtual documentary nights, seasonal events, creative projects and many other activities that give students a chance to publish their work for other Clemson students and faculty to enjoy. Trips to book talks, poetry readings, and open mic nights are also on the horizon for EMC. It is a definite must for imaginative and innovative students alike! If interested in joining Sparks and many other creative Clemson students in their endeavors, students can simply navigate to the club’s TigerQuest page. The link to the club’s page can be found here:

Written by: Browning Blair


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