Adobe CC Cheat Sheet

By: VID Interns

Graphic representing the information on this page

**For Macs: Ctrl = Command and Alt = option**


Select All: Ctrl + A
Copy: Ctrl + C
Paste: Ctrl + V
Cut: Ctrl + X
Undo: Ctrl + Z
Redo: Ctrl + Y
Save: Ctrl + S
Print: Ctrl + P
Switch between open windows: Ctrl + Tab


Paintbrush: B
Type: T
Pen: P
Selection: V
Direct Selection: A
Eyedropper: I
Eraser: Shift + E
Rectangle: M
Group: Ctrl + G
Constrain Proportions: Shift + Drag
Line Segment: \


Duplicate Layer: Ctrl + J
Decrease Brush Size: [
Increase Brush Size: ]
Deselect: Ctrl + D
Move: V
Type: T
Shapes: U


Place: Ctrl + D
Paste: Ctrl + Shift + V
Fit Proportionally: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E
Lock: Ctrl + L
Hide: Ctrl + 3
Show: Ctrl+Opt+3
Frame Tool: F
Find: Ctrl + F