VID Intern Reflections

Kelsea Allen (2020-2021)

Intern Kelsea Allen smiling in front of wood panelingWhen I accepted this internship, I had no idea what it was going to be like. The concept of the Visual Information Design program was very exciting to me, as I think this application of consultation-based services in the context of design is extraordinarily useful; many people on campus can and will benefit from it. When I was interviewing for the position, I was told that the program was very new. I was expecting some level of chaos and disorganization to come with this, but that has not been the case at all. Thanks to the hard work done by Sarah and Charlotte, it is already a well-established program that we just need to tell everyone about. It is so exciting to be a part of the beginning of VID, and I am excited to see how much it grows over time.

I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience in this program; this led me to stay for a second semester when I had initially planned to only stay for one. I am majoring in graphic communications, and so many of the skills from my coursework have been applicable. I have made promotional and informational flyers, completed many hours of training, led consultations to guide classmates to their best designs, designed hallway posters for the Pearce Center and even designed the annual report. It is a really nice feeling to know that I can be relied on to handle such important projects. I have received so much support from Sarah,

Charlotte and the interns on my team. My confidence in my design skills has significantly increased since becoming a VID intern, and I have so many new projects in my portfolio that I am proud of as a result.

I wish that I had gotten to experience this internship in person, but everyone has done such a great job staying in touch that I have not felt disconnected. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time as a VID intern. I have gained so much valuable experience and have had a great time doing it. I am so grateful to everyone at the Pearce Center for allowing me this opportunity.

Zain Surka (2020-2021)

Intern Zain Surka smiling in front of a building and treesI joined the Visual Information Design team as an intern in the spring of 2021. During my years at

Clemson in the School of Architecture, I have become more and more interested in graphic design. I was excited to see a new resource for students who wanted help with visual projects. My freshman year, I remember how tough it was to learn the basics of design on my own, so I wanted to share all that I have learned with students across disciplines. 

Even though this semester was virtual, the experience was unmatched. Soon after starting the internship, I was able to learn more about how consultations work through the multitude of training sessions with my mentors. It was incredible to see how we can apply strategies used by writing centers in a design context. I also had no idea there was so much research completed on these topics. Additionally, the trainings exposed me to design concepts I was never formally taught. Through learning these, I am able to now apply them to my own work and adequately explain how they function to others. The consultations were a unique experience and taught me more than I ever expected. Most were with students with very little design background, so it was interesting to look at design from that perspective. 

At the end of this semester I will be graduating, so unfortunately I will not be able to return to the Visual Information Design program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with my team. It was amazing to get to look at design from multiple lenses. I am so thankful for Sarah, Charlotte, Dr. Bushnell and all of the interns for creating an amazing experience in my last semester at Clemson.