Out of the Darkness: Walk for Suicide Awareness

On April 2, in conjunction with campus organizations, Clemson University groups Mindset and Tigers Together helped host the 7th annual Out of the Darkness walk to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. The walk featured talks by various advocates for mental health awareness, including special guest and keynote speaker Dennis Gillan.

The walk itself consisted of a 1.5 mile loop around campus. The Clemson Women’s Soccer team led the walk. “We recently lost someone in our sport to suicide. Today, we walked in support of those who may be struggling with mental health,” said one of the players. Graduate student Delana Reynolds also spoke at the event and helped host. Her dedication to spreading mental health awareness stems from the loss of her grandfather to suicide. By spreading mental health awareness, she honors his life and memory. “The loss of my grandfather changed my life trajectory,” she said. “By participating in suicide prevention education, I am turning my pain into purpose.” 

To find out more about how to support suicide awareness, check out Dennis Gillan’s Half a Sorrow Foundation online. To get involved with Clemson organizations that support mental health advocacy and awareness, consider joining Clemson’s Mindset Club, Clemson’s Hiking Club, checking out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or checking out the Tigers Together program. 

Written by: Browning Blair


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