Advice to Freshman English Majors

Meredith Bradley: If you are terrible at catching your own spelling mistakes like me, PLEASE take advantage of the free Grammarly account Clemson provides. It can be helpful as a second pair of eyes. Take advantage of the Writing Lab as well. It’s always helpful to have someone who doesn’t know what you’re trying to write read your work. 

Megan Musick: Take the time to engage with your readings, and take
notes throughout your time reading because it makes it
so much easier to bring up key points in class. Lastly,
do not be afraid to meet with your professors! I have
found that all English professors are very kind, and they
all want you to succeed.

Rachel Harley: Do not be afraid to talk to you professors. Office
hours are there to help you. I have gotten so much
good advice from my professors about my writing by
keeping an open line of communication. I also give
myself time when I write. Finish your essay then
come back to it the next day. I always have a better
perspective when I reread my writing later on.