Professional Editing at Pearce, or PEP, is a paid one-on-one editing service for community and university clients. The editors can help clients with an array of written works, including journal articles and dissertations. PEP also provides online resources for writers of all ages and experiences to assist with common problems such as misused words.

PEP welcomes publication-ready articles for copyediting services (citations, punctuation, formatting), as well as draft versions of papers and articles for editorial services (cohesion, organization, syntax). To request services, please fill out the “Request Services” form below.

The time needed to complete an editing project will depend on the needs and length of the document. We estimate the turnaround time for a journal article (approx. 10,000 words) to be three weeks; the turnaround time for longer documents will be evaluated based on the needs and length of the document. Rushed orders may be accepted based on the editors’ availability and the needs of the document. A rush fee may be added if PEP editors have fewer than three weeks to complete editing services.

Take a look at PEP’s disclaimer to get a better understanding of how we can help you, and check out our FAQs below!

If you aren’t sure if you are ready for the editing phase yet, you may be interested in consulting our resources below for additional help or you can contact us at pep@g.clemson.edu for more information.

PEP Services


If you are interested in requesting editing services, please fill out our “Request Services” Form. A member of the PEP team will contact you within four business days to schedule an appointment.

Request Services


PEP offers affordable pricing that does not distinguish between levels of editing. Instead, our clients receive comprehensive content and copyediting on every submission. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on how you will be invoiced for a submission.

Chart describing PEP pricing. Clemson faculty are charged 3 cents per word for up to three rounds of editing. Clemson graduate students are charged 1 cent per word. Non-university faculty are charged 5 center per word, and non-university graduate students are charged 3 cents per word.

Meet the Editor!

Hannah Taylor smiles and faces the camera in front of a blurred background.

Hannah Taylor

Ph.D. Candidate in RCID

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the word count of the article changes between rounds of editing?

We will base our invoice off the longest version we edit. If you bring in a 1000-word article, but after editing it is 1500 words the first time and 1350 words the second, you will be charged for 1500 words.

What does Revise and Resubmit mean?

This applies to an article submitted to an editor or journal which receives “revise and resubmit” evaluation from that journal. If you then request our assistance in sorting through the comments, we would edit/copyedit before you resubmit the article. This pricing plan would only apply to those articles that have already gone through our editing program.

Are there different levels of editing?

No, our plan does not distinguish between different levels of editing. The same price plan applies to all submissions.

Contact Us:

Have questions or need assistance? Email us at pep@g.clemson.edu for more information! 

Graduate Student Government Giveaway:

Fill out the brief Google Form for a chance to win one of the following offers:

First Place: The first 1,000 words of your manuscript are edited at no cost to you.

Second Place: The first 750 words of your manuscript are edited at no cost to you.

Third Place: The first 500 words of your manuscript are edited at no cost to you.

Winners will be selected via raffle and will be notified by email by March 25. Discounts must be used within one academic year. 

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